Pre-Facelift Model New to Accord ownership and have a few questions

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by Eltax91, Wednesday 11th Sep, 2013.

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    Hi all

    I've just bought an 08 plate Accord 2.4 EX Tourer with an auto gearbox as a new work motorway hack. It's nicely specc'd inside and so far it's really growing on me. I have, however, one or two questions for which I've not discovered an answer:-

    1. Infruriating at worst, but how to I "clear" the current destination on the NAV?
    2. Is the bluetooth known to be a bit rubbish? My iPhone dials out, then switches away from Honda HFT upon call answer and I have to switch back manually??!!
    3. I'd like to add a reverse camera, is it really as simple as this ebay ad claims? Or do I need an xcarlink or similar to allow input?
    WWF Car Reverse Rear View Camera for Honda Accord 08 | eBay
    4. Similarly, there is an "CD/aux" button on the pro sound system, but I can't find the aux port, does that need adding too, or is it hidden somewhere and I can't find it?

    This is about it for now. Thanks in advance for the help fellow owners. :Smile:

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    Hi Paul, Glad you like your accord.
    On mine the Aux usb is inside the centre cubby box behind the hand brake.
    The bluetooth on mine connects and dials ok so keep trying. Voice dial reconition while driving though is the pits. Grrr
    Im sure your other questions will be answered soon here by others more knoledgeble than I
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. When you use your Bluetooth, are you actually dialling out using the steering wheels buttons and NOT the phone itself. I think this is where I am going wrong as I can answer calls no problem.

    I have not imported contacts yet, so is the procedure to do this and then use voice dialling in order to make a call? This could be where I'm going wrong as every Bluetooth I've used in the past just connects when I press dial on the phone.
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    I can use the steering wheel or the phone and it will dial via the bluetooth. Yes i think you need to put in your contacts first then set the voice dialing. I can't remember if i could dial via the phone before i set the voice dial. was a long time ago. I agree though numerous hire cars I have used all allow you to dial from the phone via the bluetooth so not sure if Honda is different.
    Input your contacts anyway and try again.
    Good luck
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hallo Paul,

    is your the last of the 7th Generation Accord? as 8th Generation Accord EX had reversing camera as standard.

    As for question one I could look that up for you is there is a voice activated command to cancel the route.

    Question two next time you do that hit the HTF button and say transfer it patch it through to the HFT system.:Wink:

    Question four makes me believe you have a 7th Generation and you may want to search for xcarlink on the forum loads of advice and DIY threads to get you going. If you are going to get it let me or one of the mods know we can supply you with a discount code.
  6. Dave Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    If it's a 7th Generation press the back button on the sat nav and then it will come up with "Stop guidance" and a yes/no box.