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    Hi All :OTT:

    We're (well wife is really) taking delivery of a 2006 CR-V on Tuesday to replace our well used and worn RAV4 (12 years old and 152k trouble free miles). The RAV4 is a bit small now internally for the 3 squirts in the rear so we looked and found a nice silver CR-V with 58k miles on it, so not really run in yet!

    I hope it is as fault free and simple to own as the RAV4.

    My first query is that the crappy looking stereo has to go and we need to replace it with something more modern and possibly with integral Bluetooth. Any ideas or suggestions please. :Thumbup:And, are the speakers as pants as the RAV's and should I look at replacing those too? :Whistle:

    I should also mention that in 2005 I bought new an Accord Tourer 2.2 Exec and sold it 5 months later. Enough said.
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    Welcome to AOC and another CR-V owner if your new CR-V going to be petrol or diesel?

    Wonder why you sold you tourer in 5 months of ownership?
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    Welcome to the AOC :Hey:

    In fairness, it was a diesel :Whistle:
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    No one thing wrong with it but it was duller than dish water, not that economical, liked front tyres and despite bring totally new from Honda, lagged the competition by a mile. It was a super sized estate though. Replaced it with a 5 month old 320d that was fab, albeit a good but smaller.
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    We'll, got the car on Monday night, thanks to a generous neighbour who collected. Nice car and much bigger than RAV. Only real comments of now are that the clutch pedal feels naff and the brake pedal travel is too long. Fairly typical of Jap car IMO. Nice clean car and wife is delighted. Heading to local dealer tomorrow to get the radio code.
  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hi the clutch pedal on used CR-V as well as Accord are known to be heavy they need a bit of TLC lubrication using the right grease on the push rods and changing the brake fluid in CMC-clutch master cylinder.

    If you are going to the dealer for the radio code get them to look at the pedal feel they could lubricate it for you.
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    Thanks. I'll get a look at that over the weekend. Find the code written in the handbook so happy days there. Trying to figure out the best hands fee kit to get and so far it seems to be the SOT 071 mute lead to convert from ISO to Honda.