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    Hi all

    As the post title suggests I am new to both forum and car.....Hello. :Smile:

    We picked up a 2009 FR-V EX petrol automatic yesterday, it has full Honda service history, but I have a couple of questions;

    The bottom of the windscreen seems to fit really badly on the drivers side, the seal has lifted and you can see the bottom of the glass if you lift it back slightly.....obviously it's not right, but is this a known problem?

    The interior roof lights in the centre and rear of the car seem to have an odd intermittent fault. The bulbs appear good, the fuse is fine, but they don't come on properly when the door is opened or the key pressed. I think it's a fit meant fault, but again is this something anybody else has come across?

    Any advice or suggestions very gratefully received.

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    Welcome to the club David.

    I can't recall either of those problems you've mentioned, having been mentioned previously.

    I wonder if the windscreen has been refitted at some point for some reason and not done properly.

    The interior light issue could be a circuit board problem.
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    Welcome to HK David.

    Hope you get the problems sorted.

    Was the car bought from a Honda dealer and if so is it Honda Approved as it will have a year's (I think?) warranty on it if it is Honda Approved used car?
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    Many thanks for your replies.

    A replacement windscreen was my thought too. It is marked as Honda glass, but I suppose it would be. I will contact the previous owner and ask.

    It was a private sale but the last owner had it new from Honda and used the same dealer for all his ownership. Actually I might call the dealer instead.

    The courtesy lights are quite odd. I have done quite a lot of research and it seems to be either a door switch or a fitment problem. If I take the lens off and jiggle the bulb in the holder it does light and then will stay lit or will fade if I press the door switch.

    I might take it apart and give it a general tighten up as it does just feel like a loose wire.

    Thanks again.
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    Try changing the bulbs had a similar problem with my gfs suzuki messed about for ages taking light unit apart as the bulb looked fine and it worked when you rattled it. Only realised it was the bulb when I tried one out of my car in it.
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    Hiya, I'll give that a try.