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    Hello all, I purchased my first Honda 3 weeks ago a 2008 dtec tourer, the car is great to drive but in 3 weeks the front speakers have blown, the sat nav has given up with disk read errors and today the DPF with system check warning light is on.

    i went for the accord due to their reliability, are these known faults? The car has done 89k and main dealer serviced on the DOT. Also the car has a main dealer used car warranty, would these issues be covered.
    thanks in anticipation for any help
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    Hi Mike welcome to AOC sorry no one has responded to this thread :Frown:

    Speakers on the early 8th Generation were notorious to fail this is a known issue have a look at this

    We have been to a meet today and the members who attended were shown how the dealer looks up the warranty history on the car. If this was not done on your VIN then you could say the previous owner has not bothered to get it addressed.

    The sat nav disc error is a red herring half the time and sometime is the rear dvd rom flap is down it won't read the disc.Make sure the disc is clean and free from an holographic glazing which can occur. Addtionally have a read of this

    Clean the disc from the center to the outer edges with a lint free cloth and changing the cloth surface end on each stroke.

    The DPF issue is very wide topic and certain best practice and there is an element of owner and garage process to be followed for troublefree service. Have a read of this

    You will have quite a bit of reading and searching on the community to gain some exposure to DPF don't be daunted by it.DPF are really easy to maintain provided you are prepared to be fastidious and once get the hang of it..its routine.
    Ask away when you get a better idea fella. Happy to help you :Hey:
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    Hi Ichiban
    Many thanks for your advice and for sharing the links, really helpful. Since posting the my thread the car went into limp mode this morning so straight to my local dealer Gordons Honda who carried out a regen, replaced the speaker and cleaned the DVD disk and all is well, cost for regen £57.00

    on speaking with the technician he did say that if the car needed a replacement DPF the regen wouldn't have completed, but still says it could happen again. I would be chuffed if all goes well because the car is superb, I did think about removing the DPF through sin speed but not sure if insurance would be affected.

    anyway thanks for the response, and this site seems a good place to be.