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    First time buyer of Honda, my Accord is a new 2013 model (Australian) model with satnav.
    Having a few difficulties with the bluetooth and the satnav, the bluetooth does not connect automatically as my previous car did and the satnav wants me to make illegal u-turns on dual carriage highways.
    Apart from that it's a nice ride and looks good.
    I'm hoping to add daylight running lights (after-market) and seeking advice as to whether or not the My2013 came with the DRL wiring harness pre installed.
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    Welcome to the club Stu, sorry to see no-one's replied to your thread so far! It must've got lost amongst others.

    Honda's navigation systems tend to get better over time, little niggles like that will probably be sorted out on a later update. I'm not the best to advise on the Bluetooth system, but @Ichiban may be able to give some pointers on the behaviour.

    As we don't have the 9th Generation Accord here in the UK, it's hard to say for sure on the DRL wiring - most later Honda's have a trim-specific wiring harness, unless DRL's were offered as an optional extra on your trim, I think chances are the wiring isn't already there. The plus side with DRLs is all you're looking to do is tap power, and run them either constantly, or if the main lights aren't on - from the wiring side it's not going to be too difficult.
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    Welcome to theClub @stu4537. Very interesting Avatar do we take it you are an ex pat in Oz and by the looks an ex Police Officer?
    Nosey us lot we like to know lots :Smile:
    Oh and see lots of Photographs of your Car.
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    Welcome to HJK stu. :welcome:

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your car,.
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    Welcome @stu4537. :welcome:
    Great to have another member from Aus. :Hey:
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    Welcome @stu4537, I would love to see some pics of her :Hey:
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    Welcome to HK.

    I always get a bit sad about Australia, was supposed to move over there through work last year but it never worked out and it still stings a bit as my family and I just fell in love with the place.