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    Hi All, Glad I found this forum - there's some really good technical info. I have a 2013 2.2 diesel CR-V EX, which I am very pleased with, only issues I have had is getting back to Honda to sort out the wiring to the Bosal tow 13 pin socket, fitted by the main dealer where I bought the car. They didn't fully explain that the standard wiring loom would not put power through pin 9, only mentioned fridge wouldn't work. Rectification by new additional work being carried out next week foc - excellent service from the Honda dealer when I pointed out to the Service Manager the facts I had gleaned from this site! Me and swmbo are retired and have moved from motorhoming back to caravanning so that we can take the grandchildren away with us, the CR-V is a great tug, our caravan weights 1300kg and is having AL-KO ATC retro-fitted soon, hence the need for the socket issue to be resolved. Thanks for your help, Alex
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Alex. :welcome:
    Good to know you are happy with your CR-V. Regular oil changes and trips that are long enough to keep the DPF clear are the key points for the I-DTEC.
    Great avatar!
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    Hello Alex. Welcome to HK :welcome:

    Glad you're pleased with your CR-V.
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    Welcome. Would love to see pictures of the car :Smile: :garage:
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    Hi Alex and welcome, nice to have another tourer owner ( shed pullers ) here might be time to have a section for touring caravans :Whistle:
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Alex Forsyth. Good to hear that we have already helped you.

    As other have said please do add your car to the Club Garage.
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    Welcome to a fellow 4th Generation CR-V owner. As you've already discovered this is a great club for all things Honda!
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda:Karma