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    Neil Buckley
    Hi, I am a new member and new to the Honda brand. I recently purchased a new 2013 CR-V I-DTEC EX and after 12 months have almost got familiar with all the gismos and bells and whistles! What a lovely car both to drive and to look at. Just love it, and now I have found this site with loads of useful information and subjects I know now that I have chosen well. There must be a proverb somewhere that would explain this. I also find the dealerships very helpful and willing just to do that little bit extra that means a lot. So, presently pleased and proud to say that I drive a Honda and that the car I have chosen is well worth it.
    Thanks guys for this forum, not a thing I usually sign up to, but after reviewing the site I can see that there are dedicated and very knowledgeable people out there who know Honda and their cars. I thank you for your welcome.
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    Welcome to HK and welcome to the better brand of the motoring marque. Look forward to seeing some pics of your car in our club garage at some point and hearing more about her - mileage, owners etc.

    Lots of knowledgeable people on here that can answer pretty much any question that you may have.
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    Welcome to the club buddy.
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    Welcome to the club Neil, we're a tight and dedicated community for sure. If you have any questions there's a good number of 4th Generation CR-V owners on the site :Smile:

    As @Nighthawk says, looking forward to seeing some pics.
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    Welcome Neil from a fellow 4th generation CR-V owner. Yep you're right, they are a fantastic car once you find out how all the gizmos work. Always a great drive. You've come to the right club for your car. As I always say, HK is THE club for all things Honda!
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Welcome to HK Neil. :welcome:
    Great to have another CR-V owner on board.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Neil :Hey:

    Great choice of car and forum :Grin:
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    Welcome to HK Neil :welcome:
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    Welcome to the club Neil.
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    England CJ Leeds
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    Welcome aboard. My sister recently got a 4th Generation CR-V, and loves it. A 2.0ltr petrol went past me in a car park yesterday, and it was so quiet, it could have been a hybrid :Thumbup: