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Discussion in 'Tools & Equipment' started by DeviateDefiant, Saturday 11th Jan, 2014.

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    I'm doing more and more on my car as time goes on, I won't even grace this forum with what I've had to work with so far.

    So I went picking many brains to decide on a professional tool-set. The two consistent recommendations were either the Halford's Advanced Professional range or anything by Snap-on / Bluepoint. The Halford's kit had a lot of new reviews stating that the supplier had changed and the quality wasn't what it once was, but still touted a lifetime guarantee. Snap-on, and their cheaper counter-part, Bluepoint, as renowned as they are, cost 3 to 4 times the price which I just couldn't justify.

    I stumbled across this set on Amazon, and after much deliberation I decided to give it a punt. The Halford's option was still cheaper, had a lifetime guarantee and I've got access to a 20% employee discount through a friend. But I'm not a fan of the company, and I've never been one to follow the crowd.

    I'm pretty pleased with my decision so far, this is one solid set, they weigh a ton. I very much have a "buy it for life" attitude to purchases where possible, I doubt I'll have to touch the 10 year guarantee.

    I'll have a good chance to test everything out next week as all my latest car bits start to arrive.

    For the meantime, the pictures:

    140111-famex-01_t. 140111-famex-02_t.

    140111-famex-03_t. 140111-famex-04_t.

    140111-famex-05_t. 140111-famex-06_t.
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    Arrrrrggggghhhhh, plastic handled ratchets - didn't even notice that when you linked me the other day.

    Still it should serve you well and of course welcome to the world of tool envy/random purchases for no real need :Wink:
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    Looks like a good range of socket bits there. You've no excuse now for rounding a screw or nut again. lol

    I completely agree with your ethos of "buy it for life". But then you do end up buying sets of tools rather than just the one you want as 'you'll probably need the rest some day anyway'. This will be the start of a big collection of tools. :Thumbup:
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    It's just a rubberised sleeve for grip, it's one solid piece underneath :Thumbup:

    Already invested in some axle stands, trolley jack, heat-gun, orbital sander/polisher, storage for detailing gear, car battery charger. I'll probably have a garage full one day!
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    That is a nice set.I bought Snap on bluepoint and its really good.
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    Nice set dude.

    Looks too clean though, needs some engine oil and grease on it LOL
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