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Discussion in 'Lawn & Garden' started by hedleyf, Tuesday 1st Sep, 2015.

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    image. Hi guy,s
    Hopefully loaded a pic of my new strimmer, 35 cc backpack model, arrived Saturday morning and in use by the afternoon, my intension was to only run it for half hour to see how my body reacted to the vibration and to supporting the weight but went for nearly two hours until I ran out of line, no issues with ache,s and pains and splendid to use,
    Downside is getting used to lifting it on, and due to the arm/ lance as part of the machine storage can be a bit awkward,speaking to someone who use this type it's a matter of technique.overall a very powerfull and capable item ,well pleased.
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    A great piece of kit.

    Please add her to the Club Garage - There's a section specifically for Lawn & Garden
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    Looks quality !
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    2 hours? How big is your garden :izy:
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    Sorry about the reply time but really busy at the moment, the strimmer is to help me out in the field attached to our house I use a tractor and mower on the grass but need this to do edges and hedges that border it, Within the field I have a up and coming orchard for which I can use it around the trees,I have only nine trees at the moment but looking to raise that to around thirty or forty, this is going to be a Jersey cider orchard with the old Trees unique to the island and others added in ,all hopefully to make a good brew in a few years.:Grin:
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