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    :Smile: I find this forum excellent and full of useful information. I was wondering if I could ask for help on my wheels and Tyres. I recently bought some brand new 17 inch Honda alloys which were being sold off at a very good price. Couldn't resist as I liked the design and Tyres were thrown in as well. The only problem is the Tyres were 225 45 which meant lower profile. The Honda garage said they would be fine but speedo would be out by 3 mph. The car if anything seems to drive smoother than before and handles great. My question, Is there anything that I should be concerned with which would prompt me to go back to the original 225 50?
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    Hi and welcome,

    Shouldnt be too much to worry about, MOT tests arent as extreme as in Germany where if your tyre/wheel size isnt the approved one you will be taken off the road!

    Is the ride a bit more firm on the lower profile?

    More importantly tell is where you got them from and have they got any more?


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    Depends if the 3mph out, is slower or faster, as this will affect the mileage recorded on the car, service intervals etc.. could add up over time...
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    Got the wheels from Honda Chester I think it was a one time only deal but they always say that £575 for a set of wheels and Tyres. Tyres are primewell z9000 though. Mph is 3 mph faster.
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    Thanks for that according to the calc I'm 1.5% outside their recommended circumference. My worry is whether that have an impact on the drivetrain.
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    I've INCREASED the tyre wall size on my 2nd car, the speedo used to read 3-4mph below GPS at motorway speeds its now bang on therefore recording less miles, its now also indicating that its doing less miles per tank of fuel, yours will be opposite.
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    Can I suggest you also look at the discussion in the general section concerning winter tyres and wheel changing possible consequences.
    Lots of good info on the web from various sources.
    My conclusion is that keep to Honda recommended sizes, that is what the car was produced with.