New Year traditions and superstitions

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    What sorts of things do people do for New Year?

    In my family we always do two things. First, open the front door at midnight, followed by the back door - to let the new year 'in' and the old year 'out.'

    Second, we always put a piece of coal on the doorstep with a silver coin under it, to be collected on New Years Day.

    Anybody got anything else or any variations?
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    naah mine is just get drunk and have a two day hangover. Simples
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    Same here used to be front door back door and coal.
    Then it moved to the parish club for 40 years as my dad was the club secretary we were obliged to attend the New Years Eve Party but again the club front back door and coal ritual
    Now it's more firework displays and hugs in the street with family and neighbours
    But all with the odd drink or two or three or four etc etc etc - hangover

    Never did get to the bottom of the meaning behind the coal !
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    No real traditions here. Just pleased to have got through another year!

    So it's New Year every day in your house then? :gotcha:
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    New Year's Eve Traditions and Customs

    ^^ The coal thing (in the case of my family adaptation) looks to be some sort of corruption of 'first footing.'

    Opening the doors looks quite common.

    I found this website interesting / comical in equal measures. Quite good larks though...:Wave:
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    No celebrating of any kind here really... it's a full time job just dealing with my disabled dad. My mum does her best but I'm here for at least 3 days a week... Been here since Xmas day and won't be heading home until Sat morning. We can't leave him on his own, and we can't really have people round (although a couple of their friends are coming for lunch on Friday). He can't feed himself, or dress himself or even comprehend what's going on most days (parkinsons and dementia).

    My sister hardly ever comes to help, she was supposed to be coming tomorrow after going away for 2 weeks over xmas instead of being helpful for a change... but she's helping out some friends instead of her actual family.

    Sorry for the downer... but whilst my dad is still alive, there won't be any celebrating of any holidays anymore.

    But I hope that those of you who can celebrate had a nice time and hope the new year brings good fortune to all.
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  7. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

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    I hope the new year brings some respite to you and your family.
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    Mine is stay off Facebook to avoid all the people gushing