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    England Dave Portsmouth
    hi all...thought i'd drop in a message, all I can say is I love this board, the lay out is very easy to navigate, and answered many questions I had

    Well, I own a 2001 Executive saloon in silver with the F20b6 engine, got loads of extras that I have since found out were all added extras! Its got the bose system, heated leather, electric drivers seat, spoiler with brake light, it came with only 74k on the clock and full Honda history, and working digital climate control

    So far I have enjoyed it, came back to Honda after a long list of annoyances and piles of rubbish cars since I sold my 3rd Generation CR-X many years ago...I've sorted 1 of the 2 issues that this car has suffered, 1 being the ignition switch, and soon to replace the lambda sensor as the front 1 has gone recently

    been toying with the idea of sorting the sensor and changing it, but I know there isn't many cars out there that are as reliable and fun as Hondas, but just finding it hard to find decent wheels that aren't going to cost the earth as everytime I see the car I can't help want to have it lowered

    btw, not sure how many are on here from the south, as im from Portsmouth...I will add pictures soon enough, although its just a very tidy saloon in silver, as its in amazing condition for the year, but before I do, I need to clean it but lifes been extremely hectic
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Dave.

    You can check what club members are near you by looking on the Member's Map and zooming in into your area.
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    Welcome to the forum Dave, it sounds like you have a reall sweet ride, even with a few niggles. I'll say this though from what I've found out on here, the Accord is rather fussy on what lambda sensors it has, it seems though that certain Denso and NGK sensors seem to work best.
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    Welcome to HK, Dave! :welcome:
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    Welcome to HK Dave :welcome:

    Look forward to seeing your Accord.
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda:Karma