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    United Kingdom Dave Edinburgh
    Hi all, just came across this site so thought I'd join up. I've been driving Hondas for a long time now, and have had a few (though probable not as many as some though as I tend to keep them for a while!)
    Used to be into old classic Fords (70's 3rd Generation Cortinas etc) then bought my first Honda from my wife. She got me into Hondas and I've been with them ever since. I also created, an owners club for the Civic MA/MB/MC models. Here's the list of the Hondas I've owned so far..
    1996 Honda Civic 5 door MA8. Great wee car and loved it to bits! Then moved on to....
    1998 Honda Civic 5 door MB6 VTi. Totally loved this car, was my baby! Got it with only 33 thousand on the clock and one owner. Spent a fortune modding it!
    2011 Honda Civic Type-S GT FN1 1.8. My first newish Honda, and an amazing car. Only had it for a year though then traded up to a....
    2008 Honda Civic Type-R GT FN2. This is my daily, and have only down a few subtle mods to it. Also in the garage I have my show car which I inherited from my wife when she passed away in 2013.......
    Honda Civic 5 door Aerodeck 1.6ESi MC1. This car was her pride and joy, and she spent a fortune modding/customizing it, so I have carried on where she left off.
    Here's a few pics of my Hondas past and present!

    Civic5 borders run august 09_74.JPG Ruby MB6 civic5.JPG IMG_20140612_185137216. DSC_0010.JPG Roxy_fn2_front.JPG Dawns_civic_aerodeck meisterR_1.JPG Dawns_civic_aerodeck (4)dawns_civic_aerodeck. IMG_20150805_153041614. IMG_20150805_153431024.

    So, had the blue MA8 (which I bought from my wife as she had just got her aerodeck), then sold the MA8 and got myself the Sicillian red MB6. Wife passed away so bought the FN1 and kept the mb6 and deck in the garage as plan was to keep both as show cars, then decided 3 cars was too much! So sold the MB6 and at the same time traded the FN1 in for the FN2. So now just got my FN2 and the deck (which I'll never ever sell, deffo a keeper!)

    I'll start threads for the cars when I get a chance! Liking the site though!
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    Hi Dave and welcome. :welcome:

    Great selection of Civics, the Aerodeck being my personal favourite, never had one but always thought they would be a great alternative to the Civic Shuttles that I previously owned. Just never seen the right one for me. Yet!
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    :welcome: to HK Dave. That's a good set of Hondas you've got through.
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    Hello and welcome to HK.
    Great bit of history you have and will be looking forward to reading more about your various Hondas. Sad to hear about your wife but I think that you deserve big respect for keeping her pride and joy! :Hey:
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    Scotland Ron Leeds
    Hi Dave - welcome to HK. :welcome::hondababy:
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Welcome to Honda Karma @crazydave :Hey:

    Sorry to hear of your wife passing away.

    Look forward to seeing your cars in the Club Garage.
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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Dave Edinburgh
    Thanks for the welcome chaps!
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @crazydave :welcome:

    That's a fantastic intro, and a great set of Hondas...:GoodJob:
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