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    Hello all,

    New to this forum but not new to Honda's. Been doing a nut and bolt rebuild for the past 3 years of a 1999 Honda Accord Type-R. I will post some pics up soon. It's almost finished so the big unveiling will happen in about 2 months all being well :jumpy:
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    Have you got any progress pictures?
  3. ATRJA New Member Getting Started

    Hmmmm only in the region of about 500:Bye:
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    Here are a few
    002 (4).JPG

    010 (2).JPG
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    We love a project log - please show us the process of the build, we would love to see it. Have you done all the work yourself?
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    And a few more....most are of parts. Every last single part on the car has been removed, stripped, shot blasted, powder coated, chromed, painted, nickel plated, zinc plated or changed. I will post a load more pics soon. Just a few to show you the level of detail
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    I will try and work out how to do that :Frown:

    Accord Type R 2013 002.JPG Accord Type R 2013 001 (4).JPG 007 (6).JPG 002 (13).JPG 002 (11).JPG 004 (9).JPG 019.JPG DSCF1329[2].JPG
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Welcome to HK @ATRJA :welcome:

    Looks like you're making a great job of this rebuild. (I've altered 2nd picture you put on this thread to full size to do it justice).

    If you start a new thread in the Club Garage, you can use the Project Log part of it to show the build. When you are ready for the 'big unveil', you can then upload photographs of the completed ATR on the main Club Garage page. If you have a photograph of her before you started, you could use that as your main image for now.

    Just follow the procedure on this guide.

    How to add your vehicle to the Club Garage
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    Now that's what you call a proper restore !

    Strip the car to it's shell and the engine also down to it's shells :Grin:

    Really would love to see a full Project Log.
  8. ATRJA New Member Getting Started

    I will sort one out...bit busy with work at the mo but I will get a proper one. My current thread elsewhere is up to nearly 40 pages :overtired:
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    Hello :Bye:and :welcome:to:gohonda:Karma