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    hey all, recently bought a 2.4 Type-S and must say i love it, great combination of power, luxuries and comfort. Had a DC5 before and was lookin something with more room and didnt want to go away from VTEC power :Wink:
    Have a few mods id like to do so will like som advice plus i will be searching on here. Lookin an induction kit, (cold air) cat back exhaust system (not a loud one!) or replacement mufflers if these are available?? Also want to lower car about 30 mm or so as it sits quite high i think.
    Help and advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks for reading folks :Thumbup:
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    Welcome to the club. Glad you like your 2.4. I'm sure other numbers will be in touch soon regarding recommendations. Enjoy and drop us a photo when you can.
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    Love this auto-correct, CJ !