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    Hi everyone :Wave:

    Thought I would be polite and introduce myself before I start asking questions and hopefully contributing.

    Just picked up my 2008 (gen 7) accord cdti saloon last week. According to the V5 it is the sport model, but I believe it may be a GT Sport(?).

    Changed from a B8 Audi A4 and so far am really enjoying it. It is a fantastic driving car although I swore that after the A4 I would never own another black car, but this was in too good condition to turn down.

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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hello Darren and welcome to AOC
    Ask away whatever questions you might have,very friendly people here to answer best they can.
    Post some pics of your Accord,used to own black Accord myself and loved it.
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    Thanks Zoran, it isn't picture worthy yet as I have the paint to sort out! Going to leave that to spring as if I correct it now, I will just need to do it again in the spring. Plans are to get it lowered slightly over the winter and then hopefully a nice set of 18's in spring. No doubt there will be a few other things I want to do too after reading the forum!