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    England David southampton
    Hi! I am once again a Honda owner!
    In 1999, I bought the 3.0l accord coupe and loved it. It went everywhere and after 170,000 miles I eventually wrote it off in a bizarre crash in my own driveway. And I have it on video thanks to a cctv system! I then bought a Suzuki and loved that too.... What a tough and reliable car. But earlier in June I got a new Civic SR I-DTEC and love it.

    I have already taken it to Belgium so it has 1500 miles on clock. Trip to Scotland is next.

    I do have some questions / need some advice and was really impressed with this site which is a real Honda enthusiasts community!

    As for the questions, here goes....

    1 I thought the car would have a subwoofer in the boot but it doesn't. It's an SR and has the Honda connect with navigation and driver assistance pack. However the sound system is stunningly good; have they fitted a sub somewhere else?

    2. I looked at the fuse box by the battery and saw long fuse strips. I have never seen these before. What are they called and just for interest how are they removed / checked ?

    3. I think the first scheduled service is at 12000 miles. However, I was planning to do an oil change at half this interval at say 6000, using the genuine Honda synthetic oil for the I-DTEC. Is this a good idea? Seems to me that 12k is a long interval and I tend to keep my cars and do high mirages in them. What. Do you guys recommend?

    4. I can see there is a solid floor panel. Is it easy to do oil change with a small ramp or does the car really need to be lifted properly. In other words is it a DIY job or trip to garage? If DIY what filter wrench is recommended?
    Many thanks
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    Welcome to HK David. :welcome:

    I'm cannot help with your first two questions but would agree 100% on oil changes at 6000 miles.
    If your I-CTDI oil filter is in a similar place to my previous Accord, then you won't have any problems doing it yourself.

    You will need a 76mm, 14 flute filter removal tool. (This is the type for the Accord, so should be the same for you).

    IMG_20150309_171134. IMG_20150309_171200.

    If you also get a fluid extractor, you can suck the oil out via the dipstick. There is also one the connects to a compressor. No need to get underneath at all.
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    Scotland Ron Leeds
    Welcome @Klystrode to THE club for all things Honda!
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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    welcome to the forum :Smile:

    have you checked under the front seats for the sub??
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