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    Hello everyone!.......I am beefy (or Adam, not fussed either way lol) And i drive a 1.25l zetec ford fiesta. I have worked at Holdcroft honda for over 4 years now starting as an apprentice and now working as a diagnostic technition for honda. My aim is to become a master technition and play my part in establishing and maintaining Holdcroft Honda as one of the top 10 dealerships in the UK. I am always open to giving advise but have to draw the line on technical bullitens and information intended for honda or my dealership. So feel free to ask questions and lets make this the best Honda forum on the internet!
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    Welcome onboard we could defiantly do with your expertise and knowledge. Thanks for the vote of confidence we still have a long way to go but I and the rest of the members will get there pretty quickly.

    Please do let your suggestion coming in the feedback section, they will be listen to and acted upon.

    Welcome to AOC bud :Wink:
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  3. Hi Adam, and welcome to AOC, great to see you on here, your advice is very much appreciated always.
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    Welcome Adam, although you were here before me!
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    Welcome along Beefy
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    Welcome along Adam
    As has already been stated although you were here before me!!!!