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    Hi , new to the site
    joined this site as there is no official Honda Legend Forum I can join they are either in US which they called it Acura L / Tl etc or forums which are not english based.
    ATM im in search of a Honda Legend 4th Generation there are a few listed on ebay , parkers, autotrader and pistonheads so its a matter or either waiting for the right one to come along im based in the north east of england ( newcastle upon tyne ) but it seems all Legends are either way down south or way up north lol

    Im not new to Honda I have pretty much driven Honda for most of my life from DC2, Accord Type-R , DC5, Prelude Vti, Civic Type-R and presently driving a Honda SMX for the school runs but now wanting something a bit more luxury guess this was brought on when my wife got herself a merc e320 the heated seats during the cold winter months sort of made me think I need a upgrade myself :Smile: before deciding on a legend other cars I have looked at are audi quattro a4, a6 and even a a8 , BMW 530d, BMW 730d but I thinking ahead here and if anythig goes wrong with them they will cost too much to repair and I don't have first hand experience on reliabilty on these cars I ruled out BMW as they are RWD and they handle like a banana in the wet and in the snow , and audi as explained think it will be to costly if things go wrong.
    As I have driven honda such a long time I know they are very reliable and have bullet proof engiens and the SH-AWD is big bonus to have in the wet and in the snow and the equipment levels are up amongst the best so its no brainer for me

    anyway im in a dilemma on what to do in buying a legend
    1) most car garages I call up which have a legend for sale are not interested in the honda smx being a import and cannot value the car properly , even had a garage down south offering me only £700 px against the legend which to me is a insult
    2) another garage does have a legend for sale £7k and is willing to px my smx to a value of £1700 only problem is the legend does have a high milage ( 79k ) compared to the others I've seen so not ideal

    I was hoping anyone on here have a idea on what is reasonable amount to pay for a legend on a 57 plate with average miles on the clock the ones at the moment advertised range from 7-13k I was thinking if I seen ones for £8250 is offering £7800 cash realistic this way by passing the part ex ( honda smx ) problem and then selling it privately afterwards

    another question I want to ask is about how compatible are 4th Generation legends with lpg as I have read that honda do have soft valve seating and this can be problematic are there any views on this , if lpg is a good idea for 4th Generation legends what brand or company offers the best kind of setup and what sort of money are we looking at?

    thanks in advance
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    Welcome to AOC Dejay.

    I don't know a great deal about Legends, so can't advise on pricing etc.

    I have installed LPG systems on other makes of Honda though. I gather that Legend engines run well on LPG. I would stick with top makes such as Prins or BRC. May cost you a fair bit to get these systems installed though. Alternatively you maybe able to find a already converted Legend. That may mean waiting even longer for a good example to come along though.
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    I have a 07 plate and paid just over 10 for it but does have front and rear park sensors and the CMBS kit fitted .Also came with the Honda 18 inch wheels and have fitted the lowering and performance suspension kit which improves the ride ,as these cars tend to lean and roll at corners .Bought it last April and have imported a few extras for it from Australia.It had 47 000 miles on it but know the prevuious owner who was in his late 70 s .Overall they are great but can be high on fuel but if you are careful i can get 38mpg .
    Only problem i had was a water leak from the "A" post this has been proved to the roof being poorly sealed to the side panel but has been resealed .
    Its the only car that i have owned when i get in it you feel "special" .If you can take the hit on the fuel then i would buy one .This is my second one as i had a 92 coupe 3.2cc which lasted well but the body was starting to rust at the rear arches .........if you are ever up in Edinburgh then i will give you a try .

    Hope this helps .Always buy one with a black leather the others look terrible when they age .


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    One last thing ,if you have a ipod my 07 Legend does not have a cable but i think the 08/09 does .I have fitted u.s. I/POD KIT from IPOD PRO which works very well but the sat/nav has no audio from it so its a trade off whats more important ???.
    Hope this helps but can be a pain if you like your music,as there is no cable to connect to .

    £170 from the USA
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    Hi Dejay,

    Buy one!

    I've had 5 Legends from the 3.2 Coupe to my very recent full spec 57 plate with 22,000 miles. The only risk buying privately is if something goes wrong which is why I opted for a Honda dealer car, they usually get the best spec/low mileage ones, in my experience. If your budget is around 8k then careful hunting should hopefully find you the right car privately or from non Honda dealer and have a look at the Warranty companies if you feel you want added peace of mind.

    I paid just over 10k for full spec, FSH, low mileage and with 3 yr honda service plan incl and honda extended warranty plus 2 new tyres. I could have bought cheaper privately but it was the right spec/history car at the right price/deal for me.

    It's early days for me however this latest Legend is a world ahead of previous models I have owned and if you like/love Honda's and are not bothered about the lack of a Beemer or Merc badge on the grill then you won't regret buying one. The trade-off is the fuel but IMO its worth it.

    LPG professionally fitted has got to be worth considering if you really feel you will keep the car.

    Best of luck with your search. I was patient for around 6 months, saw the right car, went and viewed/drove it, negotiated and bought it there and then.. a chap arrived to view it whilst I was driving it and was gutted that I came back and bought it! If you see the right car, go and view/drive it and if it feels right and is right, negotiate within reason and get it bought! Don't overplay your hand if you find the right car. They are relatively rare.

    Oh, and black leather, grey leather, cream leather? lol :Smile: ......buy the one you want.... you're paying for it and you're driving it!

    Cheers, G