Introductions Newbie looking for a 8th Generation petrol auto Tourer

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by richsprint, Thursday 13th Sep, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    Good forum I have learnt a lot already.

    I'm looking at 08/09 2.0 petrol auto Tourers, anything I need to be wary of, they seem to be reliable from what I have read.

    Attracted by the individuality of them, Audi, BMW and Merc are too common, Audi have dodgy multitronic auto boxes also!

    Accords are sensibly priced also.

    Used to have a Swindon Accord 1.8 auto SE saloon back in 2003, was very reliable, but I remember parts were very expensive, is that still the case?

    Also why are the 17" tyres so pricey, £120 for a decent brand? Must be a strange size?


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    Welcome to the club Rich,:Hey:

    Would you looking at the latest 8th Generation or the 7th Generation, the 8th Generation fuel efficiency has been improved so had the overall fuelling and drive. The drive is now thoroughly engaging and pleasure from the 7th Generation slightly lethargic auto box.

    We have traders here who can assist with preferential parts rates which are really good. As for tyres the best policy is to shop around you will find the same tyre cheaper elsewhere.
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    Thanks Ichiban, I'm looking at 8th Generation Tourers.
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    Welcome Rich
    Petrol Accord is very reliable if maintained properly.
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    Thanks Zoran,

    How essential is the valve clearance check at 62500 miles and how much approx does it cost?

    One of the used Accords I'm looking at is 4 years old, 62000 miles, so it must be due, its a Jag dealer in Solihull.


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    The valves are unlikely to be a problem Rich, and easy enough to do if it needs it. Much more important to check it has good history and drives and sounds okay.