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    I have a starting and running issue on my 1.8 VTEC 2000, the car was great until a few weeks ago when it started to cut out and sometimes fail to start. after reading a few threads I think it may be the ignition switch or relay. here is a bit more detail... often it will start then just die and this can repeat many times until I can keep it running. what I noticed yesterday was when it was dying the ignition lights and the LCD display were all off as well until I rotated the key back etc. it could be the switch but obv this activates a relay etc so is it easy to determine which one if im right and is it easy to replace or does it interfere with imobiliser etc. also the green key symbol flashes a few times then goes off which I think is correct??
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    Ignition switch will be the first likely cause for that. I've had extremely similar, my ignition switch is very nearly duff (ex owner abused it hanging off particularly heavy keys on his keyring) but replacing the earth straps (battery to chassis & a corroded one to the right of the engine) solved the issue immediately. It may or may not have been exasperated by noticing that a screw had gone wandering from my distributor cap! May have been letting in some moisture.
    Worth checking alternator and battery too whilst you're at it, basic test stick a voltmeter across your battery when the car's off - should read 12-12.5v, then again when running and it should be 14-14.5 usually (may swing either way a little obviously)
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    thanks for the help and the welcome, I've stripped out the ignition switch and its DEF faulty. if I switch the ignition on and tap or move the switch it goes off. I dismantled it and found pitting and worn metal inside, I've tried to file the rough stuff off and repair it but if anything its worse as I've removed even more of the metal. I've had a look around and a new switch looks around £80 which is not good news especially as it looks like a recall issue. however I have checked the VIN on the Honda website and there is nothing outstanding. does anyone know of any cheaper supplier???
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    Picked mine up from eBay for £25. At that point there were a couple of new Honda ones for £40. If I recall from another thread you need to be quite careful about what you buy, there's apparently a couple of different ones.
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    will try to double check, theres non as cheap as that now. just my luck!!! I could go to dfs and there would be no sale on.
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    just looked at ebay there are a few ignition switches from around £30 if they fit yours
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    cheers for looking, they look right but could be as old as the one on the car and the new one is almost £70 with p&p. I might check the local breakers yard if im going to get a used one. its such a pain as the car has been fine until I wanted to sell it. perhaps it likes it where it is! lol