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    Hello there folks!

    Am Ryan as you can tell by my username! haha. Am 19 and from the Shetland Isles at the very top of Scotland!!

    I got my accord for free from a lady that was sending it to the scrap heap! The woman said a fellow had been to view the car and said it needed major engine work.....So I turned up with jump leads and the old gal started first flick of the key! No major problems! Bobs your uncle a good condition 6th Generation accord for nout! :Smile:.

    Things it is needing are brakes all round and new rear calipers!! Oh and the fuel filter is leaking? But the cover for it is very rusty! Can any one advise me to a place I can buy a replacement? Also am having problems sourcing rear calipers for my model...its a Y reg 2.0I 16v vetec saloon? Any body have a good spare set i can buy or know where i can but the right ones!

    Hope I get to know you all well! :Smile:

    Your Pal Ryan
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    Hi Ryan, pal, welcome to AOC

    Well you can't get a better bargain than that huh :Smile: good find :Thumbup:

    There should be plenty of 6th gens around the UK so parts should be readily available from the usual sources such as ebay I would have thought.
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    welcome along.