Introductions Newbie - Planning on buying Accord 2.4

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ape, Sunday 10th Jan, 2016.

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    United Kingdom Alan Nottingham
    Hi All,

    I joined a little while ago while doing a bit of research on the accord so thought it was probably about time I introduced myself before no doubt asking people many questions. I'm looking to gt myself a KA24 CL9 early this year to replace my trusty but awful looking and boring old Almera, I just wanted to say it looks a great and friendly forum (unlike some I've come across) and it's been really useful already in helping me decide I need a GROM audio kit once I get my accord. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks and I'll be posting pics of my accord when I finally get around to buying one :-D
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    Hi alan,, welcome to the forum :Smile:
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    :welcome: Alan and :congratulations:on you forthcoming CL9.
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    United Kingdom Alan Nottingham
    Thank you, I was looking for something with 5 seats and some room but fun and a bit of oomph as well so the accord seemed to fit the bill pretty well, I had a focus before the Almera which I loved driving but reliability was absolute rubbish, my battered old Almera is properly no frills, horrid looking and no power whatsoever however she's never let me down so kind of sold on the Japanese reliability and Honda seem to be up there with the best
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @ape and good luck with the search!

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    Hello and welcome to HK Alan. Good luck with your hunt and hope to see your car pics soon. Plenty of threads around regarding use of Grom kits so feel free to dig around otherwise you can always post your questions..