Introductions Newbie with a 05 2.0 SE F-RV - what does the F stand for?!

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    Hello all,

    We've just replaced our Zafira family battle wagon with an 05 plate 2.0i SE F-RV.

    My friend has had a 2.0 Sport F-RV for a while, and we love it, but when we bought our 06 plate 1.6 Zafira decent F-RVs were out of our £5k budget. 2 and a half years later and apart from being older, the F-RV seems to have dropped in value quite a bit, but the Zafira has really held on to its value - probably as it is so economical, if slow!

    I was after a bargain, so I ended up flying all the way from Manchester to Aberdeen and driving back the same day!

    There are a couple of minor issues which I've already sorted, such as wheel balancing and alignment - and despite having just had an MOT the rear brakes needed replacing - luckily I have a very good mate who runs his family garage and he gave it the once over. He also sorted a loose cat heat shield.

    All I need to sort now is the boot handle which is sticking and the stereo seems to distort slightly at higher volumes - I'm not sure if this is down to the unit or maybe the speakers.

    The only downside I can see to owning the F-RV is that as it is quite a niche vehicle there is not that much information I can find on the internet - I'm quite keen to maybe upgrade the stereo etc, and I have found a smidgen of info, but not that much.

    All in all though, it drives so much better than the Zafira, and the 6 seat layout is going to suit our family so much better, and now McLaren are going to be using Honda F1 engines in 2015 I feel so much better about having a car with an F1 link! :lol:

    So is the F for fun, fantastic, fast, funky or flexible? Up to now you could argue it could stand for all of them and maybe more! :Smile:

    Here is a picture I took on the drive back down from Aberdeen the day I bought it.
    Honda FRV Forth Road Bridge.
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    Welcome to AOC, Emeye. Congrats on the move to Honda. We have two Zafiras in the family and they are nothing but trouble. Always in my garage with various problems, broken pistons, ABS issues .. all sorts.

    Plenty of FR-V owners on this site, so make yourself right at home, here on AOC. If there's anything you need to know, have a look through the CR-V/FR-V/HR-V section, if it's not there just shout, we will do our best to help you out.

    My wife quite likes the FR-V so at some point in the future may look at getting one.

    I see you've found plenty of meanings of the "F" already :Smile:
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    To be fair our Zafira has been pretty faultless, but in its 7 years it has only done 34k miles. It did have a new clutch when we bought it from the dealer - they seem to be a common fault on them.

    Our F-RV has 75k on the clock - the last owners had it serviced at a Honda dealer, so hopefully it should be reliable.

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    Just added a pic to my original post!:Thumbup:
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    Welcome aboard, fellow FR-V owner. Can't get a better familywagon, if you ask me!