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    Hi everyone, My name is Avi & I'm new to this club. I have owned a 6 Gen (I think W Reg) Accord before and am looking to get another one when my insurance is due for a renewal in March. Looking forward to connecting and meeting new friends. I currently own a 1.6 Astra 4th Generation Club Auto (Am a member of AOC Astra Owners Club). I'm limited to Automatics due to an ongoing foot infection, so I'm not expecting to do any remaps or power mods anytime lol!

    I'm married and have two children so I'm looking for a nice sensible 4door saloon but ideally a 5door hatchback (previous Accord was 5door).

    My plans when I get one will be to cosmetically turn the car into a Tyre R replica because lets face it I can't drive manual but I can pretend I have a look-alike with some aftermarket alloys 15"-16" and Jap Style backbox. My kids like playing with badges so I've been looking at some Honda and Mugen badges on fleebay. All n all I'm hoping the end result will be a classy family car with a sporty look.

    Again very excited to be here, hope everyone goes easy on me. Also can someone give me a guide on how to install HID kits on a 1998-2002 Accord.
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    Hi Avi,

    Welcome to AOC , you could potentially use this guide to install HID in your 6th Generation.

    If you need any 6th Generation info I am sure I can dig that out for you.
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    Hi Avi
    Welcome to AOC:Hey:
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    Hi avi welcome bud good to have you on board
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    Hello Avi and welcome to AOC.