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    Hi all, new to this forum although I am a member of the Type-R owners club. Proud owner of a Y plate Type-R :Grin: Love it but just been let down by the notorious gearbox syncro gremlin :Frown:
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    Hi Morefious. Welcome to AOC, we welcome all makes of Honda here :Smile:

    Ah the dreaded 3rd gear synchro issue huh

    Have a look at my thread where I fixed one of these. the third gear synchro ring had totally broken.

    What are you going to do about yours ?

    I've got a complete working gearbox from an 04 CTR. I bought it to replace my gearbox but never used as I managed to fix mine as you can see from the thread.
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    Speedys DIY should help you a lot.. After all it was done to professional factory specs :wink: