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    Hi bought a 2008 Accord Tourer this weekend from a Honda dealership and am very happy with the car so far but on the drive home the Sat Nav started playing up and I got the "DVD Disc reading error" message and having looked into it looks like the Drive is going to need repair / replace, there was no mention of any problems when I purchased the car, I obviously contacted the dealership ASAP before I researched it and they thought it could be the disc but I now know that is unlikely to solve the problem, I have also remembered that on the test drive the disc was not in the sat nav as they said they always remove the discs from there cars!!! I have a 12 month warranty but not sure whether this will be covered, any thoughts on what there obligation should be?
    Also the Dealership is over 50 miles from my house but there is a Honda dealer in my home town so should I be able to get any repairs done from there?
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    Hi and welcome to AOC
    Nice car.
    If you bought it from Honda then you have 12 months warranty,take it to any Honda dealership to be checked.
    It should be all covered under warranty.
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    Welcome to AOC Robaloy. Very nice looking tourer you found yourself, love that deep blue colour.

    Re the disc I think it is normal for the car dealers to remove the discs when the cars are parked up in the forecourt. Saves the discs getting pinched LOL.

    I wouldn't think that the drive unit has failed so early on. Eject the disc and check for finger prints, the disc may just need a clean.

    I think Honda warranty work should be honoured at all dealerships, it doesn't matter where you bought the vehicle from.
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    Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure its not the disk, I have cleaned it carefully several times and still the problem persists after 10 mins or so I get the error message, expecting a call back this morning so Ill let you know outcome.
    On another note we purchased the Rear entertainment System (DVD Players for Headrests) but I can't seem to be able to set up the slave screen to show the picture, it just says "no signal", was a bit disappointed that it did not come with a user manual, just a set of set up pictures which I followed but to no avail, any Ideas?

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    Got the answer to my RES problems, sorted
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    Hi Rob,
    Nice looking car and welcome.
    Speak with the dealer you purchased from, but as a Honda approved used car, you should be able to take it to any Honda dealer. Or ask if they will pay your fuel to bring it back, or will they collect and return?

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    I had this same fault - needed a new DVD unit in the end.

    As others have stated, you have a warranty - best to use it - Honda should replace it with next to no fuss.