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    Hi chaps inheriting a 55plate cdti next week 45000ish on the clock,well maintained.was really looking forward until some info on here re reliability,not had timing chain done.what should I look out for please?
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    Hello buddy welcome to club..have a look around the 7th Generation section if you get stuck just ask.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Not every Accord was affected by chain failure but poorly maintained ones is my understanding.
    Friend of mine PX his 04 plate I-CTDI Accord last year which he had from new with zero problems.
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    Cheers boys had 2 Accords a 95 2l auto presently a 96 coupe in the family since 9months old.the diesel has been since it was a year old so i know its history,if i change oil and filter regulary should it be ok?
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    I have same car oil oil oil oh and oil, frequently mine done about every 4k 5 max. Genuine filters only cheap enough if you order from HH do changes myself dead easy. oil 0-30 from lubetech they deliver with club discount buy 25L tub much cheaper and oil is good or it wouldn't be in my engine. Don't over fill and chin will be fine.
    Welcome bud
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    Welcome to AOC Mike.

    That's a pretty low mileage Accord you've inherited there :Smile:
    Puts some pictures up lets see it.

    The lads have given you some good advice above and there's plenty more info in the 7th Generation section, have a snoop around there too mate.
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    thanks for the advice chaps,as I said I'm lucky I know the car,so your pointers will hopefully help me towards a long and happy relationship.i'm slightly surprised at the stories of un-reliability with the diesels,they are Honda after all!however I remember back to my old biking days when we used to joke that Honda did their r&d with their customers,the early big cb's were notorious for their soft cam wheels resulting in sometimes catastrophic valve timing issues.i'll post some photos when I get the car,hopefully next week.:Thumbup:
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    All modern diesels have their problems (Honda included) however keep on top of your accord as it ages and you will keep these to a minimum. Mine has 87K on the clock,or there abouts and chain so far not a problem. Clutch etc still original to, I think with the clutch issues this could be down to driving style a little and torque usage..

    Damn good cars though. Get some photos up for us to have a look at bud :Smile: