Facelift Model Newcomer......... possibly- Help appreciated!!

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    Only discovered the site today (in fairness wasnt going to buy an Accord until yesterday!)
    Looking at buying a 07 EX saloon ctdi, is there anything I need to look out for before I buy it?
    Its done 84k, and up for £4600. Looks really nice and even the mrs likes it which is a first!!
    I've had plenty of petrol honda's in past and have all been reliable, can I expect the same?
    Also, only has one key? I take it a second key would become a major expense??

    Thanks for any help

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    Hi Steve and welcome to AOC
    There is a few things to look out for on I-CTDI but if the car has been looked after and serviced regularly with correct oil it should be good.
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    I believe it cost a bit to make/order second key from Honda.
    If you are buying a car from Honda ask then to throw in second key free of charge.
    Good luck and hope its a good one.
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    Hi Steve.

    You maybe able to find a local auto electrician or perhaps a local auto parts store that can cut and program a key for you, I know there are such sources in Birmingham. These people shouldn't charge you more than £70.
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    Thanks for your replies, been a great help.
    Unfortunately turns out it is a cat c car so walked away. may explain why only one key???
    Never mind, the search begins again, but from what I've read I'll be back!!!!

    Thanks again