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    People, as usual a fair amount of goings on for you but with some extra exciting news!


    As promised, we are continuing to grow the magazine wherever possible and as part of our changes for 2012 we are delighted to announce a new addition to our team with Joey Lee joining us as a contributor and Total Honda’s man in the US.

    Joey is best known for his work in Super Street, Import Tuner and Honda Tuning. He also has his own top-notch blog which you can check out here The Chronicles© – No Equal Since 2008 |

    Joey’s first feature for Total Honda will grace the cover of Issue 7 (out Feb 23rd) and will be revealed to you all very soon :Smile: and his article will also be the starting point for our ‘Forums’ View’ column that we let you know about last month.


    One lucky Total Honda subscriber will win an amazing pack of goodies courtesy of Synionic worth £159.99.

    Synionic have supplied our project cars with oils, lubricants, treatments and protections for the past 2 years.

    The pack includes:
    - 5ltr Surface Active Motor Oil
    - Injector Cleaner
    - Fuel System Treatment
    - Octane Boost
    - Waterless Wash & Shine
    - Super Protectant
    - MPG+ Fuel Catalyst
    - SML100 Multi Purpose Spray

    To be in with a chance of winning this package you simply need to subscribe to Total Honda by 20th February 2012.


    We are offering amazing discounts on all subscriptions:

    1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTIONS – now only £15 (normal price £23)
    2 YEAR SUBSCRIPTIONS – now only £28 (normal price £43) - also with a FREE £5 voucher to use in our shop

    These offers end 20th February 2012.

    We have discounts available for overseas orders also – check out Total Car Magazines for more info.


    Total Honda finally has its own Facebook page: Total Honda Magazine | Facebook

    We are keeping our fans up to date with news, products, pictures and videos and regular competitions so we invite you to check out the link above, like the page and feel free to start posting your own pics and vids.


    As ever we would encourage everyone to send in their feature cars and readers’ drives submissions for Matt Robinson, our new editor, to look over. We have a ‘feature my car’ form on the website so just pop in your details – all entries are welcome.

    IDOL 2012

    Entries for Round 2 close on 2nd February – if you want to be considered remember and send your entry through the website (even if your car isn’t chosen for Round 2 we will hold on to your entry and consider it for round 3 and 4). There is still time to vote for the Round 1 shortlist also.

    Honda Idol Round 1 | Total Car Magazines

    Finally, it seems Matt Robinson’s appointment as editor in December is being appreciated by our readers and we thank you for your lovely comments. It’s great to know Matt is hitting the mark and he thanks you for your feedback.

    That’s it for now folks – we always start with the intention of a short info post and ends up taking this long!

    If anyone needs to get a hold of us over the weekend please contact us through our website or call us through the week on 01506 530496.


    The Total Honda Team