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    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield
    Hi All,

    I bought my used approved Honda accord back in the spring and it had 4 Nexen 6000's on, having had Nexens on previous cars I was happy enough. However I now need to look at replacing the fronts within a few months and the rears within 6.

    So, as I'm happy with Nexens I thought I would look around and have found bargains on 3 of their models:

    N'Blue ECO | Eco-Friendly High Performance All Season | Nexen Tire
    N8000 -Ultra High Performance Asymmetric Summer
    And my current - N6000 | Ultra High Performance Directional Summer | Nexen Tire

    Has anyone any experience of these on the Accord or any other car?

    To save any debate on whether "budget tyres" should be used and "they are the most important thing and you shouldn't scrimp" type comments, I understand. However I also understand the need to drive within the limits of a car and the conditions, and I believe THIS is the most important thing. We own Accords, not NSX's and as such I drive my accord sensibly with the occasional squirt. I've had performance cars and on these I've used top brand tires as well as some mid range and I've never had any problems.

    Let me know your experiences on these, or if you can recommend any other "budget" tires.

    Cheers all!

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    Never used them but there's lots of reviews here: Nexen tyres - TyreReviews

    I find tyre reviews to be very subjective though.
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    I will tell you a short story: a was using "bugdet tyres" (no name manufacturer) for six years and had no accidents, because i was driving carefully..then i bought Pirelli 98Z P Zero...well and an accident had happened.. I became too confident with tyres thinking that they will do everything.. To sum up everyting depends on the gap bitween steering wheel and a throttle pedal..tyres, fuel, oil, filters, breaking pads it is just slight adjusters..
  4. Nighthawk Guest

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    Order Nexen tyres online | mytyres.co.uk

    I have used that website quite a bit in the past - see if they work out an even better price for you. I have no experience with budget tyres on my cars so I cannot comment on them unfortunately, although I have seen the results of budget tyres too many times.
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    United Kingdom Phil Salisbury
    I had Nexen 6000's once on my previous car, I couldn't fault the grip in all weathers during normal driving, I wasn't too happy about the noise level or how long they lasted (about 6000 miles)
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  7. Nelf Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield
    Hi, good to know I'm not the only one :Smile:

    Not spotted those, think I'm set on the nblue ecos, they get some great reviews.

    Like Phil, I've found the n6000 are great but surprised how quick they have worn.
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    My EX GT came with these brand new Nexen tyres.

    Utter dogshit.

    Changed all four yesterday for Goodyear Excellence tyres and the car grips the road like a train on a track. If I had 18" wheels, I would have gone for the Eage F1 Asymmetric 2. Those tyres IMHO are leagues ahead of any other rubber out there.

    I'm happy to admit my bias - if it aint Goodyear, then it aint good enough...I flat out refuse to use anything else.

    I have NEVER understood why people in general, spend LOADS on their cars yet skimp when it comes to buying a decent set of tyres.

    Its the only thing that connects your car to the road. The Goodyear Excellence I had were not cheap, but price is not an issue when it comes to safety for me. I have next to no sympathy for person(s) that deliberately look for cheap tyres that imitate big brands but last just a fraction of the time.
  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    I love you candid responses no beating around the bush tell them as it is. That is one of the reason why I haven't said a word on these yet.
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    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield
    Interesting, I guess it has a lot to do with the car then ,as I had f1 a2's on my Octavia vrs as I believed the hype, they were the worst tyres I put on anything, dangerous oversteer in the wet (on a FWD car!) and tram lined severely, just couldn't trust them and swapped them for uni royal rain sport 2's and the difference was staggering.

    Never had f1s on the accord though, so can't comment.

    Like I said, it's down to how you drive and I wouldn't put 8 piston calipers and high end brakes on my car, just because they stop better.

    I stand by my comment that the most dangerous thing in a car is a bad driver with a bad attitude, bottom line is, if you drive like a :tut:, you'll need all the help you can get, and tyres and brakes will help, I admit.

    Just got the new tyres fitted this morning, drove in the rain, spiritedly and I'm still here so they will do for me, also noticed they are all season, so I expect them to work better in the slushy stuff too, fingers crossed.
  11. Nighthawk Guest

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    @TheDarkKnight - Completely and utterly agree mate. Not necessarily Goodyears, but certainly I have only ever stuck with premium tyre brands (Michellin, Pirell and Bridgestones). I do have F1's on my car now, and they are brilliant.

    @Nelf - without going into huge details, I have seen how tyres make the difference between avoiding a crash and having a crash. I have seen a father, who after losing a 19/20 yr old son, go completely dispair due to wishing to continue to maintain a cheap option. Nobody plans to go out and have a car accident, noone wakes up and thinks - today, I am going to kill someone, but unfortunately, these things happen. It isnt a matter of you driving like a ":tut:" as you put it, its the issue that, if you have to make an emergency manoeuvre to avoid an accident at 70mph, you can have the best shocks, brakes and reactions in the world, but if your tyres can't handle the input, you are going to crash.

    Tyres can only do three things - they can accelerate, decelerate and take lateral forces (cornering). In an emergency situation, where their composition is being pushed to its absolute limit, they can only do one of those things at any given moment in time without destabilizing a vehicle.

    Its not about your driving, its about the other people on the road you are trying to avoid. My kids are worth more than a set of tyres so only the premium brands will suit me. To be honest - I think saying tyres are just about your driving is a bit naive - they are your only point of contact on the road and the only thing that stops you hitting someone who brakes harder than you (on better tyres) or you avoiding a collision whilst swerving. Accidents happen and noone can predict them.

    Glad you are happy with your tyres and I hope they serve you well. :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield
    I agree, and as I have been in 2 near death crashes, both caused by other drivers, I am only too aware of the benifits of a safe, roadworthy car. For instance, I never drink drive, not even a pint, never touch my phone, never reach for the glovebox, never drive off with misty windows, never let my tyres go below 2.5mm before changing, never tailgate and I believe that for the majority of time, these things are more important that who made the tyres. Of course there is always the need to take evasive action and in all my years, I have managed to, irrespective of whether I've got Yokaham Advan ad08s (By the way if you want to get a tyre that is absolutly amazing in the dry, get these, had them on my Civic Type-R) or Nexens.

    Anyway, back on topic:

    Pretty good reviews on the whole for the ones I got - Nexen N blue ECO summer tyres reviews - Tyretest.com

    Pretty much the same as the famous Goodyears F1's - Goodyear EAGLE F1 summer tyres reviews - Tyretest.com

    LIke I said, I would only buy well reviewed tyres, irrespective of the make. It just so happens that this time, Im on a budget.

    - - - Updated - - -
    Also, what would you guys recommend for winter tyres? Is there as big a difference between good and bad in that sector? Or is a case that even the poor ones are miles ahead of summer tyres when its snowing?

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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    My Hankook k115 are now on the rear of the car and the BF Goodrich on the fronts. I noticed immediately how much quiter the Hankooks are and the grip was better too. I would have gone for the Hankooks again but seeing as tyres have come down in price my next tyre will be Goodyear Efficient grip performance.
  14. Cloughy Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Alex Reading
    Throwing another tyre into the mix....Falken ZE914, just had them fitted and have been very impressed with them (also had them fitted on my 2 BMW's as they were a popular choice on the bimmer forum) tyre Leader had them for 73 each! (normally about £100 each)
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    THIS. :Niceone:

    I've had the Efficient Grip tyres before. My only complaint is that the softer rubber compound gives very good grip, but the downside is how short they last in comparison to the Excellence tyres (depending on driving style of course).

    I'd go for the Excellence if I were you :Thumbup:
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    Belgium Aalst
    I bought 4 brand new Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance tyres this week for my wife's 2007 Civic 1.4 I-DSI. Only 83 BHP, hardly 3000 miles/year. But as you say: price is not an issue when it comes to safety.
    They will go on the car coming Saturday.
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    United Kingdom David East Kilbride
    I need to get a set of decent tyres for the Logo. I was going to hold off and just keep the original wheels/tyres on the car over the winter but the skinny 13" tyres that are on the car just now offer next to no traction at all.

    I'm looking at a set of Dunlop Sport BluResponse for the 14" alloys I'm going to be fitting. The actual size is 185/60 r14 and Amazon are doing them with free delivery for £38.79 a tyre. These were recommended on another forum and they have also received some good reviews and awards although you can't always trust industry awards for being impartial.

    So hopefully a decent brand of tyre for a budget price. I'm happy.
  18. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    @Sprockutt - those blue response tyres are really really good. In fact, I was going to get them myself but couldn't be bothered to wait 2 weeks for them to arrive in my size.

    I've had dunlop sport SP01's before - gripped like mad.
  19. cred Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

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    I had 2 Nexens when I got my Accord.

    Utter rubbish.

    I had multple issues with the car geometry and the tyres were absolutely no help. Even with a good few thou miles left, I replaced all with Michelin Primacy 3 and haven't looked back since. Quieter, economical and the car feels glued to the road. Braking and general dynamics have improved significantly.

    I'm biased though because I've always bought Michelins on this and previous cars as replacement tyres.
  20. Aspman Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Will be changing fronts this month. I'm going for the Goodyear Efficient grip performance after finding them pretty good on a previous car especially for road noise. Kwik Fit has a cash back deal on them this month as well, much as I'd like to avoid KF it makes the tyres £40 cheaper than anywhere else.

    If you want cheaper tyres try Maxxis MAZ1. Very grippy, surprisingly good in the snow but very loud. I ran them for years on the last car, good value but the road noise got too much for me in the end.