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    Hello everybody,
    Mark here, got a 2001 2.0, (I think that year is a 6th generation, is that right?) just coming up to 78,000 miles. Best car I've ever had, had her for 5 years, only problem I've ever had was a headlight bulb conking out.

    Joined this group to get hints and tips to help me keep my baby in top order, (until I can scrape enough dosh together to upgrade to a 03 to 08 model year).

    all the best everyone, Mark
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    Welcome to AOC Mark do post pictures of your car. As and when you do plan to get into a 7th and 8th Generation you will find all the relevant and accurate information here.
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    Hello Mark and welcome
  4. Hi Mark and welcome to AOC.
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    Welcome Mark.
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    Welcome the club m8
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    Hello and welcome fella
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    Hello and welcome Mark
  9. What about the next car, petrol or diesel, saloon or estate?
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    Hello all,
    thanks very much for all the welcome messages. I'll put some pics of baby up when I get chance to give her a proper clean. Next car will be a 03 -08 plate, petrol saloon, exectutive auto, in either blue or silver, not sure if 2.0 or 2.4, or 16" or 17" wheels (really like the 06 plate facelift model with skirts and boot spolier)
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    Welcome to AOC Mark.
  12. :cool: .