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    I purchased the grom audio kit, with bluetooth dongle a few months ago. Then @Simes showed me how to install it at the end of March.

    For the first week or two it was ok, and I got used to it. I even paid for the app to get rid of advertising... which was a nightmare as it displayed them whilst driving... Whoever thought that was a good idea is an idiot.

    Then the problems started.

    System would reboot randomly whilst driving along... often after no more than 20 mins. Blutooth would often fail to connect and then the USB connection started to behave oddly. If it doesn't work and connect first time... you have to do several things to try and make it.

    1: Disconnect the USB, turn the car off and take the key out so the unit powers down... How many times it takes to work is completely random.
    2: Turn Bluetooth on/off/on/off on the phone... it's a random number of tries it takes
    3: It seems to connect, music starts to play... but stutters the same 2 second snippet of the song over and over and over until you pull over and do step 1 again... and again... and again.
    4: It connects, it starts to play music... then replays the album from track 1 again rather than where it stopped playing before.
    5: It connects, it starts to play music just fine from the same place it finished the time before... But cannot be controlled from the steering controls.
    6: Fails to boot up entirely, attempting to select the aux channel from the head unit doesn't happen it just switches between CD and the various radio bands as if no Aux input was there again... leading to a repeat of step 1 multiple times.

    I even installed the app on my tablet (nVidia Sheild K1) and tested that... with the same results. That's running on Android Marshmallow whilst my phone is Android 5.1 or 5.2.

    I keep the app updated, I've updated the firmware on the device... but a few weeks later things got even worse... Now when it boots up.. Instead of saying 'USB' over the speakers... it annouces 'Are You Ex...' and is cut off during the 3rd word.

    I've emailed Grom UK as 9 weeks of use (2 of which I was in hospital/recuperating after surgery) simply isn't good enough... It's not an easy thing to install given the fact the whole dash/dvd/headunit has to be pulled out... But if they're willing to send me a replacement to fit (inc leads) before I return the old on... I'd try that. If they're not... then i'll pull it all out and send it back and get a refund (via chargeback if need be) if they turn out to be one of those companies that can't be :wait: to resolve issues.

    As yet... no reply. I'll give until the end of the week before deciding they can't be :wait:.

    It's a shame... because when it works (about 1 in 5 attempts), the kit is fantastic. It reads txt's, allows me to answer/ignore calls and plays all my music... I may just have a dodgy one and I'd love to give them the chance to rectify the issue. But I have a limited amount of patience too. :Smile:

    Be interested to hear about any other experiences good or bad with these.
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    So the chaps got back to me within a day and gave me some advice to try.

    Apparently the IPD4 unit that I have, has an AUX and USB setting... which I was completely unaware of as it's not mentioned in any of the instructions I received. To switch this, you have to press the track up/down button within 2 seconds of powering the unit up and switching to CDC mode on the head unit. At some point I must have accidentally pressed it... If I'd know... could have been avoided. :Smile:

    As for the bluetooth issues and random resetting whilst driving... All they've suggested are loose cables... I've asked them to send me replacements for both the lead connecting it to the back of the headunit and the bluetooth dongle. That way I only have to strip the dash out once and can test/replace as needed to try and isolate the issue.

    Hopefully they'll do that.

    I've also suggested a software fix that allows you to reset the device without needing to turn the ignition off/on. This may help everyone who has the issue of it not connecting to bluetooth properly without cycling it off/on once or more times.
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    Further update on this little saga.

    They've basically refused to send me out a new harness or dongle to test out unless I send them a £40 retainer, and they have also suggested swapping the IPD4 unit but want another £60 retainer for that... They say I'll get it back when I return the parts to them... and here's the kicker... kinda implied that if they're faulty.

    Call me suspicious... but that sounds a lot like... Oh yeah, we'll refund the money... Oh but we found no fault with them... tough.

    I think I'll be pulling the lot out and returning it for a full refund because that kinda thing is unacceptable to me... and in all the posts/threads I've seen on here about grom audio kits... NOT ONCE has anyone mentioned anything about being asked for a retainer to resolve issues.

    Will update later in the week with their response.
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    Latest on this... I told them if they weren't willing to be reasonable in resolving the problem, then they left me no choice but to return the entire kit for a full refund.

    They tried to claim that wasn't possible, so I laid out the entire sale and supply of goods act to them... I'm fully aware of my rights.

    Oh and they also basically called me a thief who was going to steal everything that they sent to try and resolve the issue.

    I think I'm done with these clowns... going direct to grom in the US to see what they're willing to do to fix the problems, and I think I'll be escalating this to trading standards and may even have to resort to civil action through the courts if they continue trying to make me jump through hoops and pay almost as much again as it originally cost... just to get it sorted.

    If you are considering getting a grom kit... please do your research and NEVER deal with Mannocks reseller.
  5. jimjams Guest

    How much has it cost you so far ?
  6. Heckler Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    I originally paid £140 for the IPD4 and bluetooth dongle.

    They're asking for £100 to send me replacements to test out as they cannot tell me which part is the problem (£60 IPD4, £30 BT Dongle, £10 Adapter harness), that they say I'll get back when I return them if faulty... which to me says that they could very well say it's not faulty and refuse to return my money.
  7. jimjams Guest

    if you paid by credit card it might be worth asking your cc company if they would back you up
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    I paid by paypal and have already opened a dispute with them, which has been back and forth for more than 2 weeks now... I can escalate it to a claim. But if paypal don't find in my favour then as a last resort can do a chargeback on my card... but that would probably mean losing my paypal account as it would put it into a negative balance.

    I've been in touch with Grom in the US and asked them for help, and told them of how their reseller is acting... So we'll see what happens there.

    It's a shame because when it works, it's great... but it only works half the time properly and on a 25 mile trip to see my folks I can guarantee that it resets itself at least twice and it takes me 2-4 attempts to get it to connect and work properly before setting off... and you can only reset the unit by turning the ignition off completely.,, unless it decides to randomly restart itself whilst driving... which will often result in the BT disconnecting and not reconnecting.
  9. jimjams Guest

    I have my credit card registered behind Paypal, and several years ago Paypal did not adhere to UK purchasing laws (they do these days). I bought something on a website and used Paypal, but I was sent the wrong item. When I emailed the website, they emailed back telling me to send it back at my own expense, and when I pointed out UK distance selling regs, they just didn't respond any more. I contacted Paypal and they were not interested at all, so I contacted my cc company and they refunded the money onto my next statement ....that was about 5 years ago and I still have the item that was sent to me ....but I would have loved to be a fly-on-the-wall at Paypal when my cc company clawed the money back from them LOL
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    Unfortunately distance seller regs don't apply as I bought it in late Feb, fitted late march and have been trying to resolve since mid May. It lasted a few weeks before issues started occurring... I thought it was my older model phone, so replaced that... still having problems, tried my brand new tablet running Android 6.0 (marshmallow) and it's the same issues.

    But... the sale and supply of goods act still applies... so as it's not fit for purpose, and has not had a reasonable life expectancy... I am entitled to get it refunded.. even though they're trying to say I can't... May have to resort to trading standards and civil action if they still refuse.
  11. jimjams Guest

    If you get nowhere and decide to take civil action, before you do so, call Judge Rinder (ITV). Someone owed me some money (privately) and Judge Rinder were very interested, but the person who owed me the money didn't respond to the attempts by ITV to contact them. So I did have to take the person to court, and they now have a CCJ and a charge on their house instead LOL
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    I have now escalated this to a claim via paypal, and asked for a full refund... Will see what paypal decide and then I can either do the charge back or go the civil route... Charge back first I think.

    I also had a response from grom audio in the US who apologised for the poor service and promised to reply to my rather long and detailed email on Monday... But the paypal dispute had to be escalated by the 27th (also Monday) or it would be closed.

    But a word of warning... do NOT trust mannocks who also trade under Audi iphone, BMW Bluetooth USB Car Interface
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    United Kingdom London
    I'm not surprised with the kit not working, one reason why I didn't go for these types, they all have issues, xcarlink was one of the popular ones, but has loads of problems.
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    I didn't go for the xcarlink because it's iphone only... way to eliminate yourself out of the biggest section of the market.

    I am awaiting a reply from Grom themselves. I've just emailed them back again.

    Paypal are being their usual pretty useless selves... the case has been updated to indicate that they've spoken with the seller by telephone but will not tell me what they told them... TBH I am expecting paypal to screw me over... avoid taking any responsibility for their users actions and actually protect consumers from rip-off merchants like Mannocks.

    If they do... chargeback on my card, which will destroy my paypal account as it'll end up in negative balance and pursue Mannocks through trading standards and civil action. Already getting advice from the consumer action groups on exactly what legal actions are available to me and exactly how to frame letters and fill out forms. I can simply do a small claims court filing, and claim back any extra expenses such as the removal of the kit and cost of return (via registered courier), the cost of the kit itself and court costs, plus interest if applicable.

    They could end up having to pay a lot more than it cost me to purchase in the first place... all because they're trying to stop me from exerting my legal consumer rights.
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    United Kingdom Stuart Lancashire
    Have you fitted anything?
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    Ben Nottingham
    I'd imagine being an IT technician he has
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    Just interested to know WHY will the payback destroy your paypal account??? That doesn't seem to make any sense your disagreement is with the seller not paypal. So it should make any difference whatsoever.
    I've had a number of items that have arrived damaged etc and have always had paypals backing in the cases I've opened.
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  18. jimjams Guest

    I'm assuming though, that your cases have been within eBay, and eBay is known to be "biased" in the buyer's favour. If cases are not within eBay, from my own experience and anyway, I get the impression that Paypal are "biased" in the seller's favour.

    But whether a purchase is within eBay or not, if a buyer uses their card to get a chargeback from Paypal, then all that Paypal will do is take the money our of the seller's account.
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    The payment was direct to Mannocks who trade using the website... it wasn't done through ebay.

    If paypal find in the sellers favour... which in my experience is highly likely... Then I can do a chargeback on my card used to make the original paypal payment. This will leave my paypal balance in the negative... and paypal don't like that... they'll demand it's restored and will block me from using paypal until it is... and as I have absolutely no intention of giving my money away for something that is faulty.. Paypal can swivel on it for all I care. :Smile:

    I've now had a response from grom themselves in the US... tomorrow I will follow all their instructions which involve reflashing the firmware to a non Honda model to make sure it's completely wiped... then reflashing to the latest Honda firmware. they've also sent me some info on resetting the bluetooth so I can pair the phone/tablet again as if it was the first time doing it.

    We'll see if that helps at all.

    But those 4 emails I've had in the last 36hrs from Grom is more help than I've got from Mannocks in the last 3 weeks... all they were interested in my me giving them upto £100 retainer fees to items which are not working as intended or just plain faulty... whether it resolves issues I'll know tomorrow. But so far Mannocks 0 and Grom 1
  20. jimjams Guest

    If a card company does a chargeback on Paypal then Paypal simply take the money out of the seller's account. My card company sided with me all those years ago and I still have the same Paypal account.

    But hopefully you won't have to find that out, I presume you'd rather have the working system :Wink: