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    Hi Folks,
    Just spent an hr or so looking through the 7th Generation section. Very imformative. I don't have a query at the moment, in fact I'm sure if I take the car for a longer run than the 1/4 mile 'round the block last night after I finished working on it, the fault codes will clear from what I have read here today.
    I was a bit suprised to read of the VSA problem on the diesels (and yes, my problem relates to 3 yellow lights I have illuminated, though I'm not expecting a big hole in my pocket!!).

    The 2.2 CDTi saloon is my 3rd Honda.
    The first one was a 1.6 accord ex auto, '84 vintage. It had the variomatic auto gearobx which was good to drive, cruise control and it was a great, reliable car. Unfortunatly the rust gremlin got the better of it but it never let me down in the 3 years I had it.
    The second one, and we still have it as the family work horse running the boys (and their washing) between home and Uni and all the other household heavy lifts, is a '95 2.2 ES Shuttle we have had from 8 months old. Touch wood, its never broken down and only had one failure on the drive when the ignition key harness failed.

    Cheers Kev
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    Hi Kev
    Welcome to AOC :Hey:
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    Hello and welcome
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