Bulletins & Advisories Noise From Transmission During Deceleration

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    Honda have released the following TSB#HUK000000000202 dated 29-09-03 for AP1 model years 2000 & 2001 MY00 , MY01

    A resonance noise can be transmitted inside the cabin when decelerating from high engine RPM.In some cases, a vibration can also be felt through the clutch pedal and gear lever.

    The engine torque fluctuation causes the transmission idler gear to generate a gear tooth chattering noise. The clutch torsion mechanism cannot dampen this noise and vibration but transmits them through to the vehicle cabin.

    The torsion springs of the clutch friction disk have been changed to dampen the level of transmission vibrationtransmitted into the cabin area.

    Application to Production Line

    Affected VIN Range
    JHMAP1***YT000001 - JHMAP1***YT999999
    JHMAP1***1T000001 - JHMAP1***1T999999

    Repair Method
    Replace the clutch friction disc using the part number shown below.

    Parts Information
    Friction disk comp. 22200-PCX-055