Service & Maintenance Noisy 2.2 iCTDI engine after service

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    My lovely, reliable 2004 Accord 2.2 ICTDI has just been through service and MOT a couple of weeks ago at 116k miles. The service included oil change plus fuel, air and cabin filters. I used fully synthetic Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0W-30 oil for the change. Also had the MTF changed using Honda MTF3 as it's not been done in the 8 years I've had my Accord. Car sailed through MOT again.

    In the two weeks since the service, I've noticed an erratic noise coming from the engine at tick over. The cars runs as normal and drives fine. The noise is definitely coming from the left end of the engine (when looking at it with the bonnet up) and is quite loud compared to normal tick over. I thought it could be the PAS pump or water pump failing. Taking the serpentine belt off, there's no issue with the pumps or alternator bearings (that I can feel) and the noise is still present if engine is started without the belt on.

    I fear it's a timing chain issue (as described in other threads) but could a change to the Shell 0w-30 oil have had any effect as it does seem a co-incidence that it's recently started with the noise? I think that on previous services the garage used 5w-30 oil but I provided the 0w-30 this time. I was considering a quick change over to Castrol 0w-30 or even 5w-30 just in case as a test (cheaper than a full engine strip) but not sure if this would just mask the problem.

    Is there any simple way to check the timing chain for issues? My local Honda dealer said that the only way to find the fault is to strip everything down at their normal hourly rate. Apart from actually funding a timing change repair at main dealer labour rates, I'd need to consider whether it would be really worthwhile based on the age and value of my car.

    Other than main dealer, could anyone recommend somewhere in the Hull area that could repalce the timing chain? I appreciate it's likely to be a complicated and expensive job!

    Thanks, Steve.
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    I can't see how an oil change caused a noisy engine, unless you've been sold some terrible oil in Shell containers. Did you replace the air filter? That might cause some extra noise if it wasn't the OEM Honda/Toyo Roki filter. How about the fuel filter, was it the OEM Honda/Bosch filter? Although that might just cause rough running, probably not noise.

    Chain wear can be hard to diagnose, as there are several different parts that can wear and make a noise (e.g. there are two chains and each has its own guides and tensioner). Mine was obvious because the odd thrashing/chafing noise was far more obvious at hot tickover, which is when the oil pressure falls to a minimum and so the hydraulic tappets cannot apply sufficient force to a stretched chain to take up the slack. There is an inspection hatch for the camchain, where the extent of the tensioner can be assessed, similarly there is also a removable plug in the sump to do the same for the oil pump/balancer assembly chain.

    Chain replacement can be very expensively. It's a reasonable DIY task, at least in the sense that you don't need to buy any special tools, but is a big job and so is very time-consuming. Unless the noise is terrible I'd be tempted to leave it, I covered about 20k miles with a noisy chain and only replaced it when the noise suddenly intensified.
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    Hi Jon,

    Thanks. Yes, I did have the fuel, air and oil filters replaced with Bosch OEM ones. They and the oil came from Euro Car Parts.
    The engine revs and runs smoothly but at idle there's a pronounced noise which I'd never noticed before. The noise is more noticeable when the engine's hot.
    (I'll try to record and post it rather than trying to explain what it sounds like.)
    My perception of the oil was that 0w-30 is slightly 'thinner' than 5w-30 so the noise is now more apparent. Wondered if previous services using 5w30 has caused some problems or if changing back to 5w-30 would subdue the noise again.
    I've read as many articles as I can on this forum about the timing chain replacement and it's definitely beyond my limited DIY ability! Estimates of anything up to £2k for it to be done are a bit scary!
    I was concerned about continuing to drive it, having the chain snap and destroy the engine completely.
    Cheers, Steve.

    Hi Jon,
    Yes, I replaced air,fuel and oil filters with OEM Bosch ones. The filters and the oil all came from Euro Car Parts.
  4. Zebster Guest

    Only the fuel filter should be Bosch (part number ending in 442). The OEM air filter is actually made by Toyo Roki and the OEM oil filter is actually made by Mahle. I've got no idea who actually makes the OEM pollen filter!

    0w-30 is the correct oil, but 5w-30 only differs in its cold viscosity. Once both those oils are up to temperature then the viscosity is defined by the 30 rating, so they'll be practically identical. Maybe someone had previously used a higher viscosity engine oil (e.g. 5w-40) to cover up the chain wear?
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    Make sure your oil level is at least half way up the dipstick.