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    hi guys, I replaced my alternator with a reconditioned one 18 months ago,
    It’s now very noisy sounds like a rattly
    Bearing, charges fine and no battery warning light but loud noise.
    Would this be the alt itself or something else?
    used a stethoscope on the surrounding parts and nothing but put on the alt body and you can here the growl of a bearing. Not sure if anything else would send noise to alt or not. what else could do that in there?
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    All I could suggest is having another good look over the belt driven accessories, including removing the belt and starting just to confirm that the noise is indeed in that system then the usual wiggle and inspection of each pulley. I don't know if that engine has an auto belt tensioner but checking that and any idler pulleys should be on the list as well. When my auto tensioner was in the process of failing it would make rattly sound every time the ac compressor kicked in.

    It would be a bit of a kick but it is possible the replacement alternator is in the process of failing if as you say the bearing is already growling.
    Good Luck
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