Body, Paint & Styling Nooooooooo...disaster!!

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    Don't believe it, the car officially turns 10 on Monday and I have my first rattle :Sobbing:. It's only small and only when it's really cold - the drivers door glass rattles. Oh well I guess Honda build is not what I thought it was...

    Seriously, it is there so as I occasionally have a sticky window I think I'll take the card off and do a spot if maintenance. This got me thinking about what I want to do:

    Remove rear door cards and either replace or refurb the door straps (ideally the second option) to stop the stiffness and creaking.
    Sort that drivers door glass.
    Do something with the chrome surround on the grill, I hate it, the only part of the car I hate. Favourite is to try a vinyl wrap I think.
    The front bumper is showing some road rash so I might see how much a respray is.
    Possibly fit the Xcarlink

    Think that's about it. It does need a dam good detailing but not doing that until the roads a clear (so next year probably). Not had the door cards off before so some pointers will be welcome :Thumbup:
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    March this was posted and it slipped through the net !!

    I take it the window issue is now sorted Stu?
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    Sort of. I got some anti-squeak tape from a barry-boy car hi-FI place, they use it when the interiors of Corsa's are rattling due to playing sub-bass levels of music at very high volume.

    I had to take out the rubber gasket and fit the tape to the face of the gasket that kisses the glass. It has helped loads but there's still a slight rattle at times. I note that Honda released a TSB in the US for this exact problem. The Honda solution is to remove the gasket and give a very liberal coating of Shin-Etsu grease. I also treated mine with a liberal coating of Gummi.
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    I had that rattle, plus one from the door seal itself. I didn't fix it...