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    Having owned vehicles with DPFs fitted for 8 years I'm familiar with the technology and what it's like in day to day driving, but I have a few questions relating to their operation in Honda vehicles and newer CR-Vs in particular.

    Is there any way to tell when regen is/has occurred? I noticed MPG seems less than expected on the motorway on a couple of occasions, but no other obvious signs. I could tell when regen occurred on my old car by the sounds of metal contracting in the exhaust system as it cooled when stopped after a run.

    How long does a complete regen cycle take?

    How often would you expect regen to occur in typical combined type driving conditions? Very dependant on actual driving I know, but is there a typical expected operating range?

    Does the engine management systems log regen events and is this accessible by the dealer?

    After the nearly 5,000 miles, I've not had any DPF issues with my CR-V.
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    i would certainly hope not for your sake!!!

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    Yes, well I thought I had better make it clear!!!
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