Finished Northern Honda - Lakeland Motor Museum (16th June 2013)

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    So the Northern Hondas group has been going for just over a year now and we're coming up to a year since our first meet in Windermere and as a bit of a celebration we're gonna do something a bit different.
    For those that aren't already part of the group you can find us on facebook here
    The meet will take place at 2pm on the 16th June and will be at the Lakeland motor museum.
    They have offered us a discounted rate to get into the museum of £6.40 so if you want to go for a browse you can, i know i will be.
    Theres also a cafe situated there for food and drinks.
    Plans after that are to go for a drive like usual and depending on the weather either stop of somewhere and fire up a barbeque by the lake or go and get some food from a pub.
    Same deal as usual, while we're in the car parks just be on your best behaviour and don't drive stupidly as we have permission from the land owners to be there so it all comes back to me if people start dicking about.
    By then we should have some Northern Hondas stickers made up so they will be available to buy on the day.
    Look forward to seeing some of you there.
    Feel free to check out pictures from our previous meets here
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    Boy your facebook page has loads of sales items. Some bargains there.:Thumbup:
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    That`s one great place for a meeting I visited the Museum last year whilst on holiday great fun for all ages.
    Hope the weather stays good for you and have a good meet.
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    Yeah, i was quite suprised at how willing they were to let us have a meet there. They genuinely seem very interested in cars and seem to know what they are talking about. I'm looking forward to it, the museums about 15 minutes from my house but it just one of those places i've never got around to going to.
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    Pity it's not this weekend I'm staying in the Hydro in Windermere for the weekend. So looking forward to a rest.