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    ... actually a Rover 620 Ti.

    So bodywise a reskinned 5th Generation Accord. Thought I'd join up in case of any body related queries/hints/tips.

    Mechanical wise the Ti doesn't use Honda engines. The Ti is equipped with Rover's T series engine, so somewhat quicker than the Honda engined variants :Smile:
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    Hi errrr non Accord owner, welcome to Accord Owners Club :Smile:
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    Welcome along bud. Father in outlaw has a 620i and that was a Honda engine did over 130k miles on original clutch but the drive shaft rubber boots were dire they needed changing every year and two driver shaft later same problem.

    what engine are in the Chinese made rovers now ? tata engine ?
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    Welcome to the site. Hope this site will convince you to get a Honda soon perhaps lol
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    Thanks for the welcome on-board.

    Before the Ti I had a 620 Si, think that was F20Z engine (could well be wrong there), management was PGM-FI. Didin't find it particularly quick so moved over to the joys of 200 horses of Forced Induction and 60 in 7 secs.

    Unusual problems your father in law had. Only engine known to give problems, in the Rover at least, is the H23

    Engines in the new MG models are completely new ones, designed/built by SAIC.

    TATA ended up with the rights to the Rover name when they bought JLR off of Ford, can't see them ever bringing it back. They did get the G series diesel engine, which I think they used in a few of their home grown cars. The G series was common rail evolution of the L series, which Honda used in the Civic, not sure if it was used in the Accord.
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    Hello and welcome! 620ti bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing I almost bought a 800 Vitesse Turbo many moons ago infact when I think back I really wish I had bought it cos it was a nice car with proper Recaro seats!