Official Honda Notice Concerning Management Changes

Discussion in 'News Feeds' started by Honda World News, Friday 22nd Feb, 2013.

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    Honda has announced changes of its Operating Officers and a resume of Representative Director Candidate.

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    Dear Honda can we get rid off the ankle biters for the Accord in Honda Europe!! We need all the pro CR-V and Civic morons fired and get the Accord restored on the top as the flagship.

    it cannot that be hard ?..we want you Honda Japan to restore faith for Accord Owners in Europe.
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    Family saloon class vehicles are and have been in a consistent volume decline in Europe over recent years. An eye-opening example is Nissan who failed to make any headway with the Almera and Primera. Since they dumped those models and replaced them with the Juke and Qashqai they have enjoyed consistent sales success. A pertinent statistic is that in the UK, one model of Qashqai, the N-Tec, outsells all model variants of the Ford Mondeo combined.
    It is a struggle to import a car from Japan, especially as the Pound declines in value comparatively, and sell it in any volume at any profit against established volume rivals in this sector, which means mainly against Audi and BMW and to a lesser extent Mercedes. All of which have a huge spread of model and powertrain variants which are regularly updated.

    The key here is 'profitable' competition.