Now I know how the missus wrecked our washing machine

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  1. jimjams Guest

    I came home from work one time and the outer drum inside our washing machine had become detached from its lower supports. I had to use an engine lift to lift it all up out of the chassis to replace both lower supports. She denied overloading it, but one of my sons said he saw the washing machine jumping up and down ....probably like the one in this youtube video which really made me laugh

  2. Nighthawk Guest

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    I think he may have broken it???

    I do like the Australians. That thing survived alot longer than I thought it would have. It didnt want to die.
  3. vincemince Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Me and my 100 mates are all chipping in a quid each to get a cheap machine : could be a new craze
    That is so funny !

    Tested to destruction
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    He clearly loosen all the panels,crews & bolts to the machine. It is strapped down to the pallet and you introduction a object which is unbalanced = dramatic killing.

    Poor motor kept on going LOL
  5. jimjams Guest

    that's true, I think he also "hard-wired" the motor direct, bypassing the control boards.
    In the youtube description he says

    Concrete counter weights were removed from outer drum unit, and a few other mods applied to keep it together long enough. Machine was a Whirlpool, donated by one of Dad's friends, who happens to be a fan of the channel and wanted to see it die again, it was a power surge victim with a leaky drum unit, so its not a waste to scrap it.

    And even then several comments moaning about how bad society is to do this to consumer goods. FGS.

    Really made me laugh, wish I'd seen our one jumping up and down LOL