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Discussion in '1st Generation (1990-2005)' started by HarveyNSX, Monday 11th May, 2015.

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    England mark lymington
    I can't decide whether or not owning the AT version of an NSX is the right choice. Is this a compromise in the driving experience. I want as an investment, rather than an ISA. Also want to use for road trips to Europe.
    Price of MT is too high for me.
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Personally, I would much prefer the manual, but if the £'s won't stretch, she's still an NSX. :Unknown:
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    For such a unique car, there's a very good chance you'll only ever own one in your life. It's probably not going to be your daily driver which will keep your yearly mileage low which will, in turn, lower the likelihood of vandalism, theft, or accident which means that the car will endure. People don't trade from one car to a different version of the same car unless they've lost the first. The tax and finance cost make such a lateral trade silly. So I'd say it's better to save and get what you want rather than get what you can afford.
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    England mark lymington
    That may mean a jap import and I don't feel so good about that
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    United Kingdom Andy Middlesbrough
    the autos are slower have less power and a different steering rack setup so don't drive the same. also harder to sell on. nothng wrong with getting a jap import. have a look in my garage pictures for how clean mine was when it got here.
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    England mark lymington
    The advice I have been given is that uk registered auto is a better investment than a jap import even in its original form. The imports I have seen have all been modified!
  7. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    Japanese imports are in significantly better condition than any UK models. Our climate destroys the resale value of cars.
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    If it is wanted as an investment, then condition and provenance are critical. On-going maintenance with a specialist to maintain the value will be just as important, and not cheap.

    The problem with that is it makes actually using the thing a bit tricky, as too much use and added mileage can impact value.

    If the market says that manual is better for re-sale, and you want an investment, then I'd say wait until you can buy the best manual (in the right spec, condition etc) that you can afford.
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    England mark lymington
    I understand that. I understood that the uk reg sold for more money and a good one will appreciate more. If I went down the jap import route is it better to import my own. I really want an MT for less than 27k
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    United Kingdom Andy Middlesbrough
    nice standard ones are around the £30k mark
    J M imports helped me through the whole process and found a lot of choice. Problem is the prices are starting to shoot up again. I've been offered a lot more for mine than I paid for it in December
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    England mark lymington
    So I understand (prices rising). There is a modified one in Yorkshire for sale at 28k on piston heads. Don't like the wheels and the reactor seats it will cost me to restore.
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    Sorry but I don't understand this statement ... why would it make you feel this way?
    I own a JDM NSX and there are positives for owning the domestic car

    No unsightly haedlight washers on front (NA1 cars)
    No euro smile bumper issues at rear (bumper bends over no plate)
    engine better tuned
    better (sportier) gear ratios
    differences in cabin

    Do not dismiss a JDM if you have the opportunity to purchase one.

    - - - Updated - - -
    Who gave this advice?

    I don't think they understand the NSX market too well then IMHO

    What do you mean by modified?
    It sounds as if you believe modification is a bad thing which quite frankly is NOT the case especially with the NSX?

    These cars are over 20 years old now and owners who understand them, make changes to original to refresh the car or make improvements for the better.

    If you want purely stock and then drive the car you will soon learn that some modifications would be nice. For example the original 5 spoke wheels are hideous and make the car look dated ... the revised 7 spoke wheel that was introduced in around 94 freshens the car up no end ... IMHO of course. That would be seen as a mod.

    The OEM exhaust system is highly restrictive, over weight garbage. And you never experience the VTEC induction at its best until this is replaced.

    Old cars will experience tired suspension components. OEM prices are high and there are way better solutions out there for the same monies inc coilovers etc. These would be seen as modifications.

    If you are purely buying an NSX for investment purposes and barely drive the thing, then yes you are more likely to look for OEM but then it will require lots of work to put right as it likely has been sitting for long periods barely driven and will require a complete overhaul. If you plan to drive the car like it was intended do not rule out sensible modifications. This is NOT a bad thing nor should it detract from value if done properly and its a sensible mod

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    you are in a fortunate position that there are cars for sale that offer BOTH transmissions.
    My advice to you is to contact the vendors on the likes of PH and arrange a test drive. Its the only way to be sure
    Reading online will only give you so much information and everyone has their own opinion so best advice is if you are seriously interested in an NSX now is the time to be looking and TESTING!
    You need to experience both cars and you may well feel that the auto is best suited to your needs

    do not dismiss an auto just cause you may think you will miss high reving VTEC. The auto mates with the engine very well and there are owners out there that prefer the power delivery over manual.
    again as i asked before what are your plans for the car. Potential investment therefore little use then why beat yourself up over the tranny if you are never going to use/experience?

    If your gonna invest in an NSX my advice is to DRIVE it ... life is short enjoy it while you can ... your a long time dead and you can't take your 'investment' with you.

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    England mark lymington
    Excellent balance of opinion, many thanks.
    I initially identified the NSX as an investment alternative to an ISA. So the home grown original parts etc appeared to offer the best potential return (watching prices of MT cars). However, I now want to drive and enjoy the car. Do some european road trips etc. I have therefore reduced my budget price to sub £27K and have found myself in a different market. I need to be confident that that Im now not looking to buy a car with very limited value as an investment.
    An MT is what I really want. So the question is. Should I import or pay for an imported one? Those Mts in Japan look very tempting under 30k.
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    you are basing values continuing to increase ... no one knows how the market will go with these cars.
    if you want to invest then people say buy stock and pristine ... but there are major disadvantages to this if there is little servicing done.
    parts will not be in good condition due to non use and it will cost a lot of money to sort out
    so your investment will be heavily dented before it has a chance to grow!
    sitting about doin nothing is damaging to any car and the NSX

    Glad you have decided to invest BUT enjoy it.
    thats what i did ... they are a rewarding car to drive

    I would still say to you to try both if honest.

    The car you mentioned in Yorkshire ... the BBS type rims can be changed and you can get 7 spoke wheels easily
    Seats again can be pikced up not too bad but you will likely have to reupolster

    so there are 2 easy fixes to that car

    a decent aftermarket double din stereo could tidy up the centre console etc on that car

    could be worth looking at

    key point is any car you will buy WILL NEED work. Factor this in

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    United Kingdom Phil Southport

    I've just joined as reading your posts I feel your frustration. I'm probably in a worse position than you as I'm too fussy for my own good and my desire to get an NSX is really to fulfil the dream of owning one from when they first came out rather than really investing in one to make money but yet I still want one thats just right. My issue is however the same in that ideally I want a UK nice lower mileage original NSX in Red.

    Looking at what's available from Japan does however make me question that as there's much more choice and certainly more manuals available than here in the UK.

    I also was stuck with the manual/auto dilemma. Having driven both I would still ideally like a manual but if it was the choice between an auto and no NSX I would certainly be going down the auto route rather than none.

    There's certainly a few about and a UK silver auto has just appeared (google it and you'll find it I'm sure) for about 28K, it's done 100K miles but I've driven one with that mileage and it was fine. The reason I want a lower mileage one is more because I'm silly and think it'll be more like new even though all the rubber/etc. will still be perished or brittle in the same way as any other car of that age.

    I'm still looking but I wish you well in your search. You've had some good advice and I value all the comments people give me even if I don't agree with them. It's funny as I read the comment about the original 5 spoke alloys looking terrible but yet those are the ones I want because that's the look I fell in love with 25 years ago, my brother prefers the later ones but it's all just what appeals to an individual.

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    ahh another nsxcb'er has joined the ranks of HK then ... you did note that my comment on the unsightly 5 spoke rims is MY HUMBLE OPINION!!! :Smile:

    But they are hideous :Smile:

    as you say each to their own and everyone has their own opinion on what they want their car to have. If not we would all be forced to drive VAG trash or something based on the sheep buying public!

    As stated before these cars are getting old ... NA1 and NA2 cars will both require work regardless of service history ... those with really low mileage will require works to be done to give you peace of mind and keep the car right if you plan to drive.

    I have owned my NSX for 5 years now. My intention was always to use it.

    Unlike you guys my short list was simple ... it had to be within a certain budget, and a manual. I was not picky about colour I just wanted the cleanest car i could find and a car that was looked after and could prove to me it was looked after. Even then I had loads to do on my car at the start such as re build the A/C system etc. Mods and other things done to date came later and still happening today. An NSX is a bit like a dog ... its not just for Christmas; im 5 years into ownership and still doing work on the car albeit some of that is my own doing and thoughts
    My car was far from being a fixer upper or so I thought and the file of stuff i have was pretty heavy but you soon find things that need sorting etc. And here i am 5 years later and still doing bits n bobs
    My car was far from being a fixer upper or so I thought and the file of stuff i have was pretty heavy but you soon find things that need sorting etc. And here i am 5 years later and still doing bits n bobs

    I can appreciate holding out for a specific colour and tranny choice but it can be a wait or then come like buses. it just depends on how patient you are.

    If your looking to spend <30k i still reckon you will have works to do so please factor that in. stylng on certain NSX's and things that just look out of place should be easily put right or to the way you want it like wheels, sterero's certain chassis components.

    At the moment you guys have options ... some good stuff out there if you can see the potential and be flexible on your requirements. failing that look at JDM but you need to get prices on final import costs. They all need work guys unless you get your hands on an absolute minter that has been driven, great history and what not. But they don't come up all that often and when they do they command a price

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    United Kingdom Phil Southport
    lol yes I noticed the alloy wheel comment and noted it was your opinion :Smile:

    The forum has a very slick interface.

    It's a shame I started to look at NSXs after all these years, I didn't realise they sold so few in the UK and you get caught up with all the newer cars that come along, I should have done this at least 2 years ago when I was wasting time thinking about other things.

    It's a shame there are so few cars about.
  18. nsxer Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    newer cars suck ... again my opinion so never got caught up in what they offered. I had an evo 8 up to nearly 400bhp and the NSX eats it for the better drive and involvement. thats the big gripe i have with the modern car. all toy and no joy
    don't look back ... just look forward but if i was desperate for one there appears to be decent ones knocking about.
    don't get hung up on colour ... they all look good in colours given.
    red is just the norm with these cars. be different as the car certainly is!
  19. HarveyNSX Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    England mark lymington
    Hell I love these cars it's the exquisite agony of agonising over how to spend my 27k. My target is buy one before the new year. I only have one other hurdle. My wife. Hates the look and refuses to have anything to do with the car. Looks like stormy weather ahead.
  20. philboo Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Phil Southport
    Hahaha my other half isn't interested in cars and doesn't really like the look of the NSX either, I'm not buying it for her ;-)

    It's difficult to know what to do. Did you find that silver one I mentioned or are you like me and want red/black.