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    Is the NSX expensive to maintain?
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    I guess that depends on what you expect from it. If you think of it as a supercar which competes against the Ferrari 348 and 911 contemporaries of its time, then no it isn't. If you are comparing with a Honda Civic, then yes it is.

    Typically the annual service (assuming low mileage use) is not expensive, a standard service is about £150. However when you have the full service including spark plugs etc, then that lifts to over £300. Cambelt is an expensive job as the whole rear suspension is in the way, so as the major cost is the labour, always worth doing the water pump at the same time. New clutch is also expensive.

    It uses tyres pretty quick too if you have the car set up as it is intended. The car originally is set up to use scrub tyres and only 2 makers made the specific tyres for the car. These are directional and since the rear wheels are a different size to the front, that means each corner is different. Typically the rears will only last about 8,000 miles (and if you drive the car hard on track, you can use them up in a day!)

    However I have been on drive-outs with other supercar owners and when service costs come up in discussion, the costs of the NSX amaze most of them - they pay far more and also more frequently have failed components to replace as well as the usual wear and tear maintenance stuff. Not only that, but I recall one good day out when we met in Leeds, drove over the peak district, Cat & Fiddle etc etc..... I had 3/4 tank of fuel when we met so didn't fill up in Leeds where most of the Ferraris etc were filing their tanks - then before we left Buxton, many of them filled up again. I had enjoyed some spirited driving and whilst chasing a 360, most of that drive on the twisties was done in 2nd gear at high revs - but I then drove back home on that same tank of fuel.
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