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    Hi all,

    I'm in need of replacing my number plates for my car.

    I unsure what kind to get. I'd normally get standard plain ones, but I'm thinking to get some from a Honda dealer, just because it looks professional with the Honda dealer details on it.

    I'm probably being picky, bit of just want to get some thoughts on what people have done for replacement number plates

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    The choice is limitless dude but I insist the spacing has to be legit I have personalised palates on both my Accord and I don't want to be the wrong side of the law.

    I have seen so many owners who put legit plates held on by blue tac to pass the MOT and then remove it to reveal their own tweaked number plate.:telloff:
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    I got mine done at Springfield Honda for £18 for the pair. They also gave me the standard plates back so that I don't have to buy new plates when I change my car and transfer my reg.

    The plates are a little bit dated now as Springfield no longer has Honda franchise - now Vertu under the Newcastle Honda banner but that was my thought it looks better with the Honda dealer's details on (perhaps I'm a little picky)

    I echo what CJ said. If you mess with the legal spacing you can have the plate confiscated with NO refund or compensation. People make the mistake of thinking they've bought their plates from the DVLA and therefore own them. Wrong you've only paid the DVLA for the entitlement to display that particular plate. Improper spacing is a criminal offence ("Failure to correctly display a registration..." or something like that) and can result in you being stopped by the police, fined (not sure about points on licence) and have the plate confiscated with no refund! Also it should be MOT failure to display incorrect reg format but people must be getting away with it by changing plates to legit ones before MOT test.
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    You learn something new everyday !
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    Racking my brains trying to remember where I read about that. Possibly in DVLA leaflet when I got my plates. I'm beginning to doubt myself now but I'm sure in extreme cases of flouting the rules the DVLA reserve the right to remove the plate from the offender (please correct me if I'm wrong)

    Hope it's ok to post this link (don't want to cause any offence) it was in national press at the time.

    BO11 LUX rude registration plate confiscated by DVLA « Private number plates | Vehicle number plates for sale | Registration number plates | Compare Number Plates

    A bit unfair seeing as they issued it in the first place and he didn't alter the format. At least they refunded him i suppose.
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    I've used these guys in the past, their gel resin plates look fantastic and they offer custom image upload. As CJ says stick to UK Legal font for peace of mind, gel resin (carbon or black) is legal.

    They are upto about £60 a set with the more premium options. Think I want to put an oversized back plate on mine as the standard size just doesn't sit right in my eyes.
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    The Honda fleet & PR cars use a two dimensional font which given it depth I really like them and they are legit too.

    I wonder where they get it made from?,knowing then they have their own citizen machine.

    Anyone who has fascination with number plates if you can tell me how the Honda fleet cars do it ..I will be grateful.