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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a 1998 3ltr Accord Coupe, very pleased with the car and wish to clear any faults, does anyone know where the 16 pin connection point is. I have looked everywhere this afternoon and can't find it.

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    I don't own a 6th Generation but I'd be 90% sure it's above the pedals, back left-hand side nearly against the center console. I'm sure that's where Honda put a lot of their ODB2 ports for that era.
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    Thank you, I'll have another look. I'm sure it can't be that hard to find. lol
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    Hi Folks, I've Already answered this in another post for the same member, but hopefully others can benefit:Search:The connectors are located in the drivers foot-well just under the right of the steering wheel on the CG2 coupe. There's a three pin connector and a two pin connector housed in blanking socket see illustration below. Anyway it's the three pin your after and it usually won't work on the cheaper scanners with a converter cable either from the 3pin to 16pin OBD2 and for reference the two pin one is for blinking codes in sequence via the engine management light if a fault is flagged.

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