ICE & HFT Odd Bluetooth Track-Change + Phone Dial Delay (2013 Jazz EX-T)

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2007-2015)' started by BassDude, Thursday 13th Jul, 2017.

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    Bought my 2013 (63 plate) Jazz EX-T in November last year (Honda Approved Used) with 3 years of extended warranty in addition to the 12-month Approved Used (I'm aware that this is overkill!) and have a puzzling bug with the Bluetooth functionality that's been there since day one.

    Over time, changing the track via Bluetooth takes longer and longer, to the point where I've hit the button, and the track has changed halfway through the next track! Hands-free calls via Bluetooth also fail to go through (I get "call failed" notification) despite the phone having full battery and signal bars.

    I can only put this down to a bug within the hands-free system, but I'm not sure if Bluetooth firmware is wrapped up into the SatNav system. If so, would I need to pony up £175 for a SatNav update (current installed version is 2012-2013!) or would I be able to blag the firmware update alone via the dealer?