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    Hi, I've got beige seat belts, and those on the passenger side have, in a few parts, peculiar black blotches on them, almost like a mould. It is correlated on both sides, so appears to have gone through the belt. The stain is present even if I extract a few feet of seat belt, beyond the girth of any normal size person, so I don't think it is spillage, but some contamination from something in the door pillar or in the reel. I've tried soap and a brush, and soaking all day, but it didn't make a jot of difference.
    There's a thread on here which suggests using Isopropyl alcohol. Now, I have some of this, but aircraft safety restraint doc I found on the internet warns not to get IPA on the webbing, and Honda only recommend soapy water. Is there anything else I can try? Has anyone seen it happen before?

    PICT0157.JPG PICT0158-small.
    I'm also a bit concerned in case it fails its MOT for contamination. For some reason, the inertia reels have a electrical connector, so I imagine there could be a world of warning light pain in swapping a seat belt, if it comes to it.
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    It probably is mould and easier to see on light coloured belts.
    That could easily have formed by allowing wet belts to be retracted before they had dried out completely.

    You should be able to kill it off, but ensure you rinse out all of the anti-mould agent and that the belts are thoroughly dry before retracting.
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    I think you might be right. Mould & mildew seem able to grow the most untasty things. Many people might have it, but it goes unnoticed on dark belts.
    Since I've now googled this phenomenon, there is a youtube vid of a person in the US using a pressure washer to get mould stains out of his. He says he has tried everything over the years, and it is the only thing that works. His example belt looks clean afterwards (using a wide jet), but it could be a fine line between cleaning and abrading!
    I wish I had an ultrasonic bath, because I reckon that might dislodge the stain in a similar way to the pressure washer, but with less risk. Thanks for the steer.
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    This might be worth a quick look

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    Larry has made many very good YT videos and has a huge following. Thank you for posting @vincemince :Niceone:
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    Cheers. He uses a jet from a steam cleaner in the end for the stubborn stains, but he also notes in passing that the belts are made from polyester. I might do an experiment with a kettle and my t-shirt first!