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  1. germike New Member Getting Started

    Hi Everyone
    im trying to fix OEM fog lights on my 07 accord
    i got the lights and fixed it but the issue im not able to get the switch fixed
    all fog lights original wire harness and relay are already fixed in the car but no switch and have to buy new headlight switch to be able to turn on and off the fog lights
    i figured out that the wires are going from the relay to the control block but after the control block im not able to find it
    looks like it goes to the combination switch control unit that is built in the wiper switch then from there 8 wires goes to the headlight switch and i have tested all these 8 wires but looks like the fog light wire is not there
    as i remember there was 12 pins in that plug but only 8 are used
    any idea where i can find that wire or which pin i have to use
    i tried also to check many service manuals but the fog light connection is not clear and all wiring color codes are not as mine :Unknown:
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Could you take pictures of the current set up please? it will be easier to look at it rather than guess.
  3. germike New Member Getting Started

    Hi Ichiban, here are some pictures from the service manual and it is the same what i have Untitled1. Untitled2.
    i hope the pictures are clear